“I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you and your team for the outstanding property management, facilities management and receivership services that you have provided over the post couple of years on our commercial REO portfolio. Thank you again for your flexibility, responsiveness and proactive style on these assets.” Chase P | EverBank

C&ES Consultants

“Weaver Realty Group, LLC has been the management company for the three-building, multi-story office complex in which we are a tenant for the past two years. The personnel at Weaver Realty have been very attentive and conscientious in the daily requirements necessary to maintain and enhance the property. The company has a staff of skilled maintenance personnel ensuring prompt response and resolution to any requests for maintenance issues. Our interactions […]

YoramCo Properties

“Mr. Weaver and his team have proven considerable professional, financial and strategic ability to maintain and improve the profile of our shopping center. Mr. Frost Weaver and his team are thoughtful and trustworthy. Additionally, they are an absolute pleasure to conduct business with. Weaver Realty Group LLC is truly passionate in achieving their goals to see that their clients’ properties really flourish.” Amir M | YoramCo Properties


“We hired Weaver to perform a variety of tasks that have been accomplished professionally, timely, and thoroughly. Prologis has an ongoing maintenance contract with Weaver where services, reports, and inspections are performed on a regular basis. In addition, they have managed construction services as well as special projects. We have found Chris Weaver and his team are always available and open to assisting at every point.” DebbieC | Prologis

Gartner, Brock and Simon

“Weaver Realty Group is the management company for several properties owned by one of my clients including an office building, a retail property and an apartment complex. The company has personnel knowledgeable in all facets of property management including a staff of maintenance personnel. They have been very attentive and conscientious in the management of these properties and the daily requirement necessary to maintain the property and enhance the asset […]

American Enterprise Bank

“Their services have included initial property inspection, report of condition, repair recommendations and completion, and ongoing property inspection and maintenance. They have always taken the time to understand the Bank’s position on a property and have done a great job of looking out for the best interests of the Bank.” Robert LaM | American Enterprise Bank

Weaver Realty Group Sells Self-Storage Development Site in Winter Park, Florida

Jacksonville, FL –  Frost Weaver and Josh Koerner, of Weaver Realty Group, are pleased to announce the sale of a new self-storage development site inside the highly anticipated Ravaudage Complex in Winter Park, FL.  The 1.05-acre site sold on October 17, 2017 for $3,550,000.  The Ravaudage Complex (Developed by the Sydgan Corporation) is Winter Park’s largest mixed-use development site of 73 acres, and could be the largest urban infill project […]

Weaver Realty Group appointed new Property Management Firm for Reyonier Headquarters Building

Weaver Realty Group has recently been appointed the property management firm for the new Rayonier Headquarters Building, a three story, 55,000 square foot office building in the new town of Wildlight, Florida. Weaver Realty Group has experience in a wide range of managed properties including office, retail and industrial, providing commercial real estate management services in Duval and the five surrounding counties.”