3 Pro Tips for Self-Storage Owners

  The self-storage industry continues to be strong, but that doesn’t mean your best move is to simply hang onto your property as is or sell for a profit. If your self-storage property is rundown, for instance, an upgrade will put you in good position to charge higher rental rates. Below, learn more about benefits of renovation plus two more self-storage tips from the pros. 1-Renovate It’s a natural human […]

How a Project Manager Improves Business

  Project management is in demand in a wide range of industries, and the core benefits typically remain the same. With an experienced project manager in charge, the objectives of the venture can be met, productivity and morale can improve, and profitability can grow. The success of a project is squarely in the hands of the project manager and depends on the manager’s level of competency. Businesses can take the […]

Seniors Expand Self-Storage Demand in Florida

  Florida is famously popular among seniors in retirement, and the needs of retirees strengthen the self-storage industry throughout the state. Some of the most common trending threads across the senior population point to a need for self-storage facilities. In addition to climate-controlled units, it’s helpful to seniors for a self-storage property to include space for boats and RVs. Learn more about these trends below. Downsized Seniors on a fixed […]

Tenant Improvement Projects

  The purpose of a tenant improvement (TI) project is to provide a custom interior finish that meets a specific commercial tenant’s needs. A building owner usually starts out with space for lease in shell condition, meaning the space hasn’t been built out before. This is best because initial improvements can be made according to the needs of the first tenant who has contracted out the space. Once that tenant […]

Downsizing: Another Boost to Demand for Self-Storage

  Demand and supply are among the gauges that determine how sound an investment in a self-storage facility might be. Not much reason to be concerned, however. The self-storage industry has been steadily growing strong for decades. Since 2012, self-storage has seen an annual growth of 7.7 percent. Many things are driving demand and among them is a downsizing trend. The following is information about benefits of downsizing—advantages which lead […]

5 Ways Property Management Companies Protect Your Investment

  Possessing the means to buy investment property doesn’t always indicate that you have the time, experience, or training to perform the essential services of a property management company. Managing residential or commercial investment property adeptly practically demands multi-faceted experience and training. Learn five ways a property management company protects your investment property, as follows. What is Property Management? Property management is a third party maintaining the overall operations of […]

5 Reasons Self-Storage can be a Booming Business

  Self-storage facilities are among the best business opportunities in the U.S. Many factors contribute to continued success of the industry, including the principle of demand and supply economics. Rent prices for storage services are similar to those for multi-family units, when considering cost per square foot. Another plus is the Argus Self Storage Sales Network. Argus is a national network of brokers who specialize in assisting buyers and sellers […]

Trends in Commercial Tenant Improvement Projects

  Competition to fill commercial retail space is getting stiffer, and trending commercial tenant improvements can help avoid vacancies. The Pew Research Center predicts that half the workforce will be made up of millennials by 2020. In keeping with the changing expectations of younger workers and employers interested in attracting the fresh pool of talent, certain tenant improvement projects are called for, including the following. Office Environments that Attract Millennials […]

Tips to Cut Self-Storage Expenses for Owners & Increase Facility Value

  Self-storage ownership is a good investment for many reasons, including the fact that increasing profits can be simple. With creativity and attentiveness, self-storage facility owners can boost profits and cut expenses while also increasing value. Cut Costs There are many strategies you can consider that might significantly cut expenses for you, as a self-storage facility owner, including the following: Marketing Print advertising is expensive, and it doesn’t produce the […]

Top 4 Ways to Reduce Facility Maintenance Costs

  Unexpected expenses for facility maintenance and repairs can be a severe blow to a building operations budget. This is one of the reasons professional facilities maintenance services provide cost-saving benefits. The experience of using a streamlined approach to reducing building operating and utility costs helps commercial building owners to avoid expensive maintenance demands. The following are four of the top approaches pros use to reduce facility maintenance costs. 1-A […]