3 Professional Services Your Business Might Need

As an entrepreneur, it is often necessary to do many jobs yourself. You may want to be a truly hands-on business owner. There are times when you might need to consider professional services that can take some tasks off your hands and make life easier. Let’s look at three services you might need for your business.   Project management Facilities maintenance Property management   What is project management? Project management […]

Self-Storage in the Great State of Georgia

Across the country, even in record high heat, people today are moving boxes and belongings into a self-storage unit somewhere near you. They are homeowners, renters, empty-nesters, college students, business owners and more. Throughout 2020 and 2021, the industry saw steady demand from consumers. While the market may have softened slightly in 2022, the current vacancy rate across the country hovers around 8 percent. said in a 2020 […]

Self Storage Business Insurance You Should Consider

In any industry, insurance should be at the top of your to-do list as you prepare to operate as a small business. Self-storage is just like any other small business and not immune to catastrophe. In the United States, approximately 75% of small businesses are under-insured and 40% of small businesses carry no insurance at all.   Business insurance is required by law in most states. Even if your state […]

What is a Property Management Company, and When Should I Hire One?

If you are a property owner – rental, commercial, self-storage – this information is for you. Grab your coffee, have a seat and take 5 minutes to read. This one will be full of information, but a fast read. If you are new to real estate investment with only a handful of properties in your portfolio, you may be attempting to manage your properties on your own. Your business model […]

Prepping Your Business for Hurricane Season

We focused a lot in 2021 on prepping for hurricane season so that the tasks become manageable and routine. Working and living in the state of Florida, there are routines you maintain to make hurricane season easier to get through. Last year we broke it down into 6 manageable steps to tackle. You can refresh yourself on those steps here:   Hurricane Prep 1: This information focuses on keeping your […]

Green Initiatives for New or Existing Self-Storage

Stewardship of a business involves taking care of finances, saving and spending wisely, providing security on property, and using resources that impact the environment wisely. As business owners, it is important to make small changes to be more environmentally conscious.   In construction of a new self-storage facility, it’s easier to build with the environment in mind as it fits into your budget. Discuss with your contractor in advance regarding […]

Top Ten Reasons People Need Self-Storage

Before you enter the world of self-storage, it might be tempting to wonder if people really need that much storage as you drive by one of the 49,000 storage facilities in the United States. The state of Florida boasts a whopping 2800+ facilities and counting. The fact is, people love stuff, people have a lot of stuff, and people don’t always want to part with that stuff. Interestingly enough, only […]

What is LEED & Recent Changes to LEED Certification

As businesses strive to build and operate in a more environmentally friendly manner, LEED provides guidelines and certification through the United States Green Building Commission. According to the USGBC, “LEED is a series of rating systems aimed at increasing the environmental and health performance of buildings’ sites and structures and of neighborhoods. LEED® covers the design, construction, and operation of all types of buildings.” The USGBC provides exhaustive information regarding LEED […]

Think Like a Self-Storage Customer

As a business owner, it’s important to think like a customer. After all, you’re trying to attract strong customers to your self-storage business. What makes a potential customer seek out self-storage? What makes them choose one over another? Most customers consider the following factors when choosing self-storage: Is storage really necessary? How much storage can I afford? How long will storage be needed? How easily accessible is the location? How […]

Investing in Commercial Real Estate

As an investor, you might often be looking for the next business to fund. Commercial real estate in the ideal location can be an easy place to invest and grow your business. Let’s look at some basic information on investing in commercial real estate in today’s market.   What is commercial real estate? Commercial real estate includes many different types of buildings that are zoned for doing business.  Conversely, residential […]