Adding a Postal Center to Your Self-Storage

There are many ways to generate revenue within your existing self-storage business. A recent article on discussed one business owner’s experience of opening a postal and shipping center within their self-storage operation. The idea caught our attention and we decided to do some digging on the financial benefits or risks involved. We have discussed previously adding rental trucks, selling boxes, offering other supplies, and as a result, adding a […]

How to Design a Low Maintenance Commercial Space

The construction process on a commercial property is a one of the bigger expenses; however, it’s not always the biggest expense long-term. It’s important to consider the maintenance and operational cost of a property in order to be financially responsible. When designing a space, it’s important to consider the long-term maintenance required including building upkeep, utilities, cleaning, grounds and parking. Constellation Energy estimates that building owners spend an average of […]

Self-Storage Rental Trucks: Do You Need One?

As a self-storage business owner, it’s important to consider additions to your business that can generate income and add value to the customer. Many self-storage businesses offer an on site rental truck to customers. How does it work? What’s the return on investment? What’s the risk involved? How does it add value? Today we will cover these questions.   How does a self-storage rental truck work for your business? Many […]

Controlling Commercial Project Costs

With the current economic climate and lingering inflation, commercial building projects face greater challenges. A project may already be too far along to put on the brakes. It’s important to find ways to control project costs because it may be nearly impossible to stick with an original budget created prior to 2021. Today we will look at simple ways you can control your costs as the project moves forward.   […]

Easy Marketing Efforts to Implement Today

The self-storage industry still sees growth and strength in the market. As a result, it’s important to stay ahead of the competition with your marketing efforts. Focus your marketing on areas where you will see the greatest return on your investment in order to work smarter, not harder. Optimize your website. Do a thorough audit of your web presence to be sure that all relevant information is easy to find […]

Five Things To Consider When Building Commercial Properties

During the current economic climate some commercial construction may have slowed down; however, it’s a good time to prepare if you are considering a commercial build in the near future. Planning ahead is important, so taking the time to prepare now is a proactive step for your future build plans. Let’s look at five important steps to consider when building commercial properties.   Budget for the unexpected Obtain financing & […]

Help Your Customer: Providing Useful Tips

Imagine that you’re a boutique hotel owner in a fun, touristy, competitive environment. Your hotel is known for a fun atmosphere, fabulous rooms, and the hospitality at the front desk. Your competition is known for the same thing. The price of your rooms is relatively the same. What sets you apart? Your staff is known for making great food recommendations, great entertainment suggestions and even going one or five steps […]

Why Weaver Realty Group? Unique experience. Exceptional service.

At Weaver Realty, we work hard to earn your trust and your business. We offer unique experience and exceptional service. Formed in 1994 as a full-service brokerage group, we have provided over $200 million in brokerage services since we opened our doors. Today we offer full-service property management, maintenance services, and project management services for the First Coast area and surrounding counties. Additionally, we offer self-storage brokerage services, acquisition and […]

Commercial Real Estate Associations & The Importance of Networking

As a commercial real estate broker and/or property manager, there are many facets to the job. It’s important to have a network or community of other professionals to learn from and share knowledge. As powerful as networking is when you search for a job in your chosen field, networking is equally important within your profession. Networking & Why It Matters National organizations provide excellent networking and learning opportunities. Take some […]

Self-Storage Software Options to Consider

As a self-storage business owner, it is imperative to utilize software to manage your clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Software can assist you in maintaining an accurate database of both potential and current customers, accounts payable and receivable, manage vacancies and lease renewal. In this post-2020 era, self-storage companies are moving toward contactless operations with streamlined staff, and software can make this easier to accomplish. The goal is […]