Five Things to Look for in a Property Management Team

As a property owner, you may find yourself looking to hire a property management team for your investments. If you have made the decision to outsource this job, it’s necessary to do some research on the best solution for your situation. Two options you need to consider are hiring a property management company or hiring a property management professional. A property management professional is an individual who manages commercial investment […]

So You Want to Start a Storage Business?

The self-storage industry provides great opportunity for entrepreneurs. Whether you have an established business portfolio or you’re just getting started, the self-storage business is a lucrative and steady option. We post a lot of statistics on our self-storage posts for a reason. Many people need storage. In 2021, there were over 49,000 self-storage businesses in the United States Small business owners make up 52.3% of the current self-storage businesses nationwide […]

When to Hire a Project Manager

As a commercial property owner, it can be cost effective to manage a construction or renovation project yourself. As the owner you become the person in charge of securing bids, negotiating and finally securing the goods and services for the project. The question is – when is your project too big? When is it time to hire a project manager? What is a project manager? A commercial project manager is […]

Marketing Strategy & Self Storage

With an industry-wide vacancy rate of 8.3 percent, the demand for self-storage isn’t slowing down. Currently, about 10.6 percent of households utilize self-storage. Even with a slightly concerning economic outlook on the horizon, people still have more stuff than space and need a place to store it. It’s important to keep your marketing strategy sharp even now. Let’s look at 4 creative and necessary ways to boost your marketing strategy […]

Commercial Property Maintenance Checklist

When considering the upkeep on a commercial rental property, it’s essential to have an organized maintenance checklist. Regular property maintenance is necessary to keep everything functioning as it should. Additionally it helps minimize risk to customers and renters. As a property owner, it’s your responsibility to protect your investment from normal wear and tear or other greater maintenance needs. If you’re managing your commercial property as an owner-operator, you likely […]

The Benefits of Professional Organizations for Self-Storage

Becoming a life-long learner is invaluable to the success of any business. It’s easy to find a routine and stick with it for years because “it’s working so why mess with it.” Many business owners and managers can find themselves in a rut operating this way. A great opportunity for learning and networking is to join local and national organizations and associations related to your profession. Today we will focus […]

Navigating Potential Commercial Property Damage

As an owner of commercial property, it’s important to be aware of the risk of damage to your property and to be insured properly to cover it. While it’s true that you can’t plan for everything, you can plan ahead for the more common issues that occur with commercial property. Approximately 75% of businesses in the US are underinsured. In difficult economic times, for example it is hard to convince […]

Eyesore or Hidden Gem – Investing in a Property in Need of Repair

In America, the average homeowner cannot park a car in their garage. The garage has become a storage receptacle and the cars sit in the driveway. Let’s face it: we like our stuff. And we hold onto stuff because we might need it and we don’t want to be wasteful. Some quick facts on storage in America: 65% of self-storage renters have a garage in their home 47% of self-storage […]

Hurricane Wrap Up – Part 6

Since May we have focused on making hurricane prep a manageable task. In general, hurricane prep is just a series of tasks to complete throughout the year so that you’re ready for anything that comes up. Maybe your business doesn’t encounter hurricanes, but you get tornadoes from time to time. Whatever the crisis, being prepared is the key to coming out in the best possible situation.   We started in […]

What is LEED Certification & Why it Matters

If you’re currently a property owner or you’re considering a real estate investment of some kind, you have likely heard of LEED. We are going to discuss what it is and why it matters for you, as a property owner.   What is LEED? LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It was a concept introduced in the 90s as a way to construct buildings more sustainably. Around […]