Self Storage Emergency Preparedness Tips

Residents of the Florida peninsula are no strangers to dealing with the impact of natural disasters. Self-storage facilities in the region are also vulnerable. It’s important to have a strategy of preparedness in place before any type of catastrophe strikes. Natural disasters include tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, flooding, and high winds. Preparation is also needed for potential man-made calamities, including vandalism, burglary, arson, and a pollution type of emergency. By taking […]

The Challenges of Managing your Commercial Property

Commercial property can be an excellent investment, but the responsibilities involved are substantial. An individual would need to have a great deal of time and possess a wide range of multi-faceted skills to handle all aspects of property management in an effective manner that minimizes associated costs. The many difficulties have driven countless commercial property owners to discover the benefits of hiring reliable property management services. The following are just […]

Do You Need a Self Storage Broker when Selling your Property?

If you are selling your self-storage property, the surest way to get the best deal is by enlisting the help of a self-storage broker. Independent sellers and real estate investment trusts (REITs) alike have been turning to brokers more and more to handle all particulars of a deal, getting in on proven benefits. It’s always smart to weigh all options, when there are profits to be made on sale of […]

Why Self Storage is a Good Retirement Plan

Have you considered self-storage as a retirement plan? Housing trends show that in coming years, the U.S. population will need more storage space than ever for their belongings, as Baby Boomers move into smaller homes or apartments. This insight is backed by research, statistics, and a flourishing self-storage industry. There are many dynamics which can affect the success of a commercial investment, and that’s why it helps to have real […]

Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager for your Investment

            Ownership of income property is a great opportunity, complete with challenges. If you are searching for top reasons to hire a property manager for your investment, chances are the property management end of your endeavor has proven to be a bit overwhelming. This is understandable, and you are certainly not alone. There are benefits to hiring a property manager that make the cost worthwhile […]