5 best things about living in Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach, Florida, on the northern Atlantic coast of the state, is a cozy seaside community. It has plenty of urban amenities, as one of three beach areas in Jacksonville, FL. It is an excellent destination for a weekend retreat, long-term getaway, and especially for putting down roots. There is no shortage of things to do and places to see in Atlantic Beach and the greater Jacksonville, Florida, area. Children, […]

Minimize Risk with the Best Tenant Screening Practices

  Maximizing return on investment at your commercial property begins with minimizing risk using best tenant screening practices. Good tenants provide unmistakable financial benefits. These advantages include paying rent on time, keeping good care of your property, and having a tendency to stay put for an extended period, when happy with conditions. The worst tenants are a drain on profits and have such behaviors as consistently being late with rent, […]

Tips on Providing Businesses with Work Space at a Self-Storage Facility

  If you’ve been looking for a new angle to fill vacancies at your self-storage facility, one possibility is to appeal to businesses needing work space. Temporarily setting up housing at a self-storage facility can help businesses in need of an affordable jump start and much more. Self-storage rental is considerably less expensive than the cost to lease commercial space. The alternative of paying a routine lease at a traditional […]

Tips for Energy Efficient Property Management in Commercial Buildings

The best property management companies implement strategies to ensure that a commercial property is energy efficient. It’s not unusual for energy to account for 30% or more of a building’s total expenditures. Maximizing the return on your investment as a commercial property owner involves controlling operating expenses for energy usage, which includes lighting as well as heating and cooling. Cost-Saving Energy Solutions for Commercial Properties There are many creative ways […]

Ramp Up Summer Fun with Self-Storage Space

  Self-storage can be useful for many people involved in summer activities. Baseball leagues need a place for equipment. Boating enthusiasts often need a place to store their vessel. If you are looking for a new approach to attracting customers to your self-storage property, you could spread the word that your self-storage facility is ideal for various seasonal needs, including for summer. Sports Equipment Storage Tips Nothing is considered more […]

Vending Machines and other Apartment Revenue Streams

The most obvious way to increase revenue as a commercial property owner is to maintain a high occupancy rate. The value of your multifamily property can also be increased if you add additional streams of income.  When the income streams are in-demand features, the two strategies work together to increase Net Operating Income (NOI). The following are some ideas for adding value to your apartment property with new money-making ventures. […]

9 Security Features that Attract Customers to a Self-Storage Facility

  Does your self-storage facility offer the top security features self-storage renters have on their checklists? If so, you increase the chances of meeting and possibly exceeding your goals for monthly income. When tenants see that a facility provides what is most important to them, you can also expect to reap the long-term financial rewards of tenant loyalty. There are many features you could add to your property, to instill […]

Surefire Tips for Maintaining In-Demand Status Among Renters

  There are two basic categories to give attention to if you want to ensure a high level of occupancy at your commercial rental property and they are: Online and Onsite. Draw quality renters in by making the most of available technologies to create dazzling displays and provide effortless online interaction, real-time information, rich website content, and more. When potential new renters arrive at your property, continue to make an […]

Self-Storage is a Great Sell for Businesses Needing Space Management

  To increase your self-storage occupancy rate, widening your target audience to include businesses may help. Many industries use business storage these days, to help with management of their space. The following are some of the ways businesses are benefiting from self-storage, and you could target marketing dollars toward sharing this information with local proprietors. Seasonal and Promotional Items Maintaining inventory in an organized manner helps to cut waste. Businesses […]

Tips for Managing a Rental Property’s Online Reputation

  “Online reputation” is a modern-day phenomenon that commercial property owners and property managers can’t afford to ignore. Studies show that consumers put a lot of stock in reviews posted on the Internet. The most desirable renters often choose their new home based in large part on what others have to say about the property on social media. Residents and others who air out their grievances on high-traffic sites frequently […]