Think Like a Self-Storage Customer

As a business owner, it’s important to think like a customer. After all, you’re trying to attract strong customers to your self-storage business. What makes a potential customer seek out self-storage? What makes them choose one over another? Most customers consider the following factors when choosing self-storage: Is storage really necessary? How much storage can I afford? How long will storage be needed? How easily accessible is the location? How […]

Investing in Commercial Real Estate

As an investor, you might often be looking for the next business to fund. Commercial real estate in the ideal location can be an easy place to invest and grow your business. Let’s look at some basic information on investing in commercial real estate in today’s market.   What is commercial real estate? Commercial real estate includes many different types of buildings that are zoned for doing business.  Conversely, residential […]

10 Tips for Organizing a Self-Storage Unit

As a self-storage owner, you will have a unique customer base including business owners who need extra storage, churches, non-profit groups, individuals, families, college students and more. Every customer will have different needs. As a business owner, you can provide tips and information on how to get the most out of your storage space by organizing it effectively and efficiently. We have collected our top 10 tips for organizing a […]

What Taxes Impact Commercial Properties?

Commercial real estate is an excellent investment. There’s no arguing that fact. What are the tax implications for commercial real estate annually that might surprise new investors? Similar to purchasing a residential property, there are taxes on commercial properties including property, state and local, federal and rental or sales tax. Knowing how each of these will apply to your investment can be helpful in advance of selling.   Property Taxes […]

Will Self-Storage Remain Contactless?

With the events of 2020, many self-storage businesses moved to a more contactless operation in order to be able to continue to serve customers and meet the demands for storage. Because of the jump to remote work and school, many new customers needed storage options in order to create work and school environments within the home and store items they didn’t need at the time. While many industries were struggling, […]

What is an Eco-Friendly Approach to Facilities Management?

Facilities management is professional service focused on the efficient and effective delivery of logistics and support services related to real property to ensure functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology, according to the International Facilities Management Association. What that looks like in the real world is a 24/7 service designed to keep your property running in excellent condition without interruption. Facility […]

Five Things to Look for in a Property Management Team

As a property owner, you may find yourself looking to hire a property management team for your investments. If you have made the decision to outsource this job, it’s necessary to do some research on the best solution for your situation. Two options you need to consider are hiring a property management company or hiring a property management professional. A property management professional is an individual who manages commercial investment […]

So You Want to Start a Storage Business?

The self-storage industry provides great opportunity for entrepreneurs. Whether you have an established business portfolio or you’re just getting started, the self-storage business is a lucrative and steady option. We post a lot of statistics on our self-storage posts for a reason. Many people need storage. In 2021, there were over 49,000 self-storage businesses in the United States Small business owners make up 52.3% of the current self-storage businesses nationwide […]

When to Hire a Project Manager

As a commercial property owner, it can be cost effective to manage a construction or renovation project yourself. As the owner you become the person in charge of securing bids, negotiating and finally securing the goods and services for the project. The question is – when is your project too big? When is it time to hire a project manager? What is a project manager? A commercial project manager is […]

Marketing Strategy & Self Storage

With an industry-wide vacancy rate of 8.3 percent, the demand for self-storage isn’t slowing down. Currently, about 10.6 percent of households utilize self-storage. Even with a slightly concerning economic outlook on the horizon, people still have more stuff than space and need a place to store it. It’s important to keep your marketing strategy sharp even now. Let’s look at 4 creative and necessary ways to boost your marketing strategy […]