3 Ways AI Can Increase Self-Storage Revenue

The self-storage industry is a great way to build your business portfolio. Self-storage is a constantly growing market due to the demand for personal and commercial storage. In an industry that seems to takes the highs and lows with ease, it is always interesting to see how new technology will impact the business. In the last 6 months, the movement toward the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in many industries […]

5 Errors in Property Management & How to Avoid Them

Property management has changed in the last three years and shifted from a space management position to more of an activity management position. A property manager is responsible for the management of buildings, administration, hiring, supervision, and maintenance services. There is a lot that goes into the management of buildings, management of human resources and maintaining a property below these big titles when you put it all on paper. As a […]

4 Top CRM for Self-Storage

Customer resource management (CRM) is an essential tool for self-storage businesses. The fast pace of today’s world dictates that information management be fast and accessible 24/7. The days of papers and files are likely over, and there are great tools to work simply, efficiently and maximize profits. The purpose of CRM software is to manage customer information, track service issues, manage marketing and to generate reports for sales opportunities. Additionally, […]

The Importance of a Strong Rental Agreement

Running a self-storage business comes with challenges like every business. One of the main areas of concern is the rental agreement and the protection it offers both business owner and renter. In the unfortunate event that a renter defaults on his or her payments, the rental agreement should offer protection to the owner who now needs to clean out the space and find a new tenant.   If you’re not […]

AI Technologies & Commercial Real Estate

The buzz topic of the moment is currently the use of AI technologies in just about every area of life. AI stands for artificial intelligence. AI is a machine tool programmed with a predetermined language and set of answers. As prompts by humans (in the form of questions) are plugged into the machine, the intelligence of the machine evolves and grows. While it contains vast amounts of information already, the […]

Commercial Property & the Impact of High Interest Rates

For the last year, every business news channel has covered rising interest rates and the impact on different groups of people. The commercial real estate sector continues to see changes in lending related to higher interest rates. Commercial lending differs from residential mortgage lending in several ways, but it still remains a challenge to secure the financing for business ventures that was once easier to obtain.   How commercial lending […]

Self-Storage Showcase: Great Opportunities Currently Available

Entrepreneurs on the hunt for great properties rely on Weaver Realty to locate the best opportunities for self-storage expansion. The self-storage industry continues to boom in Florida. The following properties are currently available only through the Argus Self-Storage Network.   Development site: Normandy Blvd in Jacksonville, Florida This opportunity is a solid development site of 8.27 acres. Business owners will be designing and building their dream self-storage property from the […]

Trends in Commercial Property Management mid-2023

(5 min read) Commercial property management has maintained a solid position in the US economy for decades. According to the US Energy Information Administration, there are over 5.9 million commercial spaces in the US today. That number means job security for the many property management companies as well. Since 2020, the world has experienced a roller coaster ride through the pandemic. The ride continues as the economic toll is felt […]

Steps to Open an RV/Boat Storage Facility

(5 min read) According to a recent study conducted by Go RVing, “11.2 million American households own an RV. The age demographics related to ownership is split almost equally between those over and under the age 55.” Significant growth occurred in the last two years as more Americans sought ways to continue to travel without facing various restrictions from the pandemic. Additionally, as many people continue to work remotely, RV […]

The Difference Between Hard & Soft Facilities Management Services

(3 min read) As a property owner, it’s important to understand the way your property operates in order to assess the services you need to maintain compliance and maintain the property. A great property owner will be knowledgeable of the ins and outs of their property in order to maximize their profit potential. A commercial property in disrepair often reflects neglect from the owner and will not attract high-quality tenants. […]