In self-storage, few things matter as much as security. Ask any potential customer what their top concerns are for selecting a self-storage location. The general responses will be location, price and security. When people are storing their personal belongings, they want to know the site is secure and they are not at risk for having their belongings stolen.

Many self-storage businesses continue to move toward a self-serve model without an on-site manager. While there are benefits and risks to this business model, knowing how to maintain the security system is essential in order to serve customers, provide access and keep components in good working order.

Regular maintenance on cameras, camera systems, access systems and the Internet connection is essential for all self-storage, especially unattended businesses. What’s the best schedule for inspection and maintenance? Let’s discuss.


Access Maintenance

If you are starting from scratch with a new build, be sure to select components that can withstand the elements in the region. Extreme cold will cause cracking and breaking while extreme heat can cause melting. Components should be able to withstand the climate and temperatures. If the structure already exists, regular inspection allows an owner to catch an issue before a customer does.

  • Regularly test all keypad buttons for proper function and sticking.
  • Visually inspect keypad buttons for wear so that all letters and numbers are visible. Replace buttons or keypads as they wear off.
  • Visually inspect the gate functions including the chains, wheels, guide-rollers and the beam. If the beam is obstructed or even interrupted by sunlight, your gate will not operate properly.
  • Regular inspection and testing of equipment will keep an owner aware of replacement that’s necessary.

While operating an unattended business is a great idea in order to work smarter, not harder, it’s imperative to perform regular inspection and maintenance or risk a customer stumbling onto an issue when something breaks. Yes, it can be repaired quickly, but running a business with excellence is always the goal.


Camera Maintenance

Cameras are essential to site security. They provide visual access to the location 24/7, but also to spaces that are not easily seen when driving the property. Consult with a professional on the best set up for your location. We recommend hard-wired cameras with a battery back up in the event of a power outage. There are excellent camera and security professionals that you should work with locally. It is an investment, but it’s essential to running your business well.

  • Check camera views and focus regularly. Depending on how many properties you own, this should be done often.
  • Create a maintenance schedule to clean the cameras on a regular basis.
  • Regularly check the recording storage to ensure that it is working properly. Select random dates to access various camera footage in order to be sure that it is recording correctly.
  • Fix damaged parts immediately. If an issue occurs and the cameras are not working, this becomes a huge headache.


Alarm Maintenance

Regularly test the alarm functions the space utilizes to ensure that all are functioning properly. Replace batteries on a schedule. Be sure that you notify your alarm company prior to testing.


Avoid security issues with scheduled maintenance.

Regular maintenance for a business is essential to its success. Especially with a new build, it can be easy to assume that since things are new, there’s less need to inspect.

Creating a maintenance calendar and following that schedule will save you headache and financial strain. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” (Benjamin Franklin) Self-storage owners are wise to plan ahead with a strong maintenance schedule in order to avoid unnecessary issues that could have been prevented.


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