Customer resource management (CRM) is an essential tool for self-storage businesses. The fast pace of today’s world dictates that information management be fast and accessible 24/7. The days of papers and files are likely over, and there are great tools to work simply, efficiently and maximize profits.

The purpose of CRM software is to manage customer information, track service issues, manage marketing and to generate reports for sales opportunities. Additionally, security system and access management would be a bonus. offers a great comparison tool online to consider up to 3 CRMs at one time. Using this platform we looked at multiple combinations of CRMs using the sort feature for number of reviews. While the comparison data provided is not extensive or even very informative, it does help consumers to narrow down which software to consider. Most demo videos are available after you share contact information with the software company so they can contact you for sales options. While this is annoying, it’s also exactly what their software is designed to do: capture information. Let’s look at some great tools for CRM available now.


StorEDGE Management Software

StorEDGE Management Software is a browser based, self-storage CRM created by Storable. Storable is a well-known brand in the self-storage world. It makes sense that the product is a top contender for CRM, because of the expertise and knowledge of the industry. On the comparison chart, StorEDGE has 226 reviews with a total of 4.4 stars out of 5. Reviews confirm that the product is modern and attractive compared to other options. Additionally, reviews indicate that StorEDGE is a one-stop-shop for managing self-storage.


Things we like:

  • StorEDGE website indicates many possible integrations with other software. For example, if you have a security and access software, it can be integrated into your StorEDGE system.
  • Created by an industry leader who understands the needs of self-storage business owners.



YardiBreeze is a cloud based CRM with 127 total reviews of 4 stars. Reviews indicate that it’s got great features, is easy to use and their customer service is good also. On the YardiBreeze website, we love that it provides a detailed list of what is included in each level of service. Starting at $1 per unit per month versus $2 per unit per month. The software can be used for residential, commercial, self-storage and HOA associations. Pricing specific to self-storage is not readily available on the website, but inferences can be made based on other pricing that is available.


Things we like:

  • Access to information on what’s included in software as well as pricing. When any size business is making financial decisions, price is a factor. Having to search for or make phone calls in order to get a ballpark on pricing is a deterrent to customer service. It just is. Period. Make pricing readily available and you clear one HUGE hurdle to making a sale. Good job, YardiBreeze.
  • Free training and education for continued use of the program.



According to their website, “Buildium is a cloud-based property management software that enables managers of residential and association properties to take control of every aspect of their business, whether in the office or fully remote, including online rent & payments, vacancy management, maintenance cycles, and accounting.” This particular platform is geared toward residential or commercial property managers (rentals and apartments); however, it has 1,967 reviews with an average of 4.49 stars.  The support staff for Buildium is a strong selling point as their customer service receives a lot of positive comments on the reviews.


Things we like:

  • Access a video demo easily on the website after you enter your information into their system.
  • Pricing information easily accessible starting at $52 per month with a small portfolio up to $479 for premium.
  • Services provided at each price point make decision making easier for business owners.


SiteLink Web Edition

“SiteLink Web Edition is the preferred choice for single-store and multi-store operators. The most widely used, turnkey software solution includes everything you need to operate your self-storage business.”


SiteLink was listed in an article by IRE, LLC. as one of the top choices for self-storage management software. Because comparisons of 3 only are allowed on, SiteLink did not initially make the cut for the purposes of this brief review. SiteLink holds 441 reviews with a total of 4.67 stars.


Things we like:

  • SiteLink offers a competitive product among property and self-storage management.
  • Another Storable product, which reflects knowledge of the industry.


This review, though not extensive, is designed to help all sizes of self-storage businesses navigate the options available for self-storage management. At the end of the day, owners should be looking for a software that is easy to navigate with excellent customer service at a fair price. Software is necessary now as the industry moves toward a digital existence.


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