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According to a recent study conducted by Go RVing, “11.2 million American households own an RV. The age demographics related to ownership is split almost equally between those over and under the age 55.”

Significant growth occurred in the last two years as more Americans sought ways to continue to travel without facing various restrictions from the pandemic. Additionally, as many people continue to work remotely, RV ownership presents an opportunity to use their RV more frequently.

A summary of the article can be found here.

Camper FAQs survey provides a bit more in-depth information regarding the why behind the increase in RV travel.

  • “61% enjoy the benefit of having a kitchen”
  • “60% enjoy the benefit of less pressure to arrive and depart at a specific time”
  • “60% enjoy the ability to add detours and stops”

You can see the full article here.

Many of these RV owners now need a place to store their home on wheels. As a result, the demand for adequate storage options in many markets is high. If a storage facility is attractive at all to investors, now is the time to make a move.

Additionally, this article hasn’t even touched on the popularity of boating, especially in Florida; however, RV storage can also be used easily and effortlessly for boats and other larger toys as well.


RV and boat storage is a necessity. Here are the steps to take to start your own business or add to your current self-storage offerings. There are four types of RV and boat storage facilities. It’s important to know which one is feasible for your current operation or what you want to build.

  • Open storage – open storage generally is a secured, fenced area with gravel or paved parking. This is a minimal type of storage.
  • Outdoor covered storage – outdoor covered storage provides a one to three sided shelter for RVs, boats or toys.
  • Warehouse valet storage – A large, empty warehouse can hold multiple boats and RVs inside the enclosed space. This option usually involves a concierge parking service, so that needs to be a consideration.
  • Fully Enclosed storage – fully enclosed is a garage style option with separate, enclosed space for each customer.

5 Steps to Open an RV/boat storage facility

  1. Conduct a feasibility study.
  2. Consider site selection & assess local laws.
  3. Plan the design and layout.
  4. Secure state licensing and insurance.
  5. Create a marketing plan.


  1. Conduct a feasibility study.

Feasibility studies provide data on the general location being considered. Feasibility studies conducted by self-storage consultants provide demographic data, population and projections, community analysis, zoning, site considerations, traffic and competition data. A thorough feasibility study will be lengthy and can be an investment as you get started. This article from Storelocal is thorough and explains a feasibility study in detail.


  1. Consider site selection & assess local laws.

A feasibility study will encompass the site being considered as well as provide information on local laws or codes related to storage businesses. Additionally, knowing the local laws on whether or not an RV or boat may be stored in a neighborhood will indicate the demand in the area as well.


  1. Plan the design and layout.

With a site survey, it’s important to lay out the space efficiently in order to maximize profitability while mitigating risk. Determine the number of spaces and the size of each space in addition to considering the driving path that will be utilized to prevent unnecessary accidents or damage to property.


  1. Secure state licensing and insurance.

Contact your state government office related to opening a small business. For Florida, the link is Open My Florida Business. The next step after registering with the state is to secure business insurance for your RV/boat storage.


  1. Create a marketing plan.

A marketing plan is essential to a successful start. On a recent exploratory phone call to research for this article, the local RV storage was contacted via the phone number listed on the Google search. The person on the other end of the line informed us that they hadn’t owned the business for 20 years and they receive inquiries by phone once or twice per month. Don’t let this be you. Our blog covers the importance of marketing in various posts. It is essential and should really be started prior to the opening of your business.


At Weaver Realty, we provide expert analysis on the feasibility of a storage business. Many entrepreneurs trust us to grow their investment portfolio. As the Argus Self-Storage Network Affiliate for the state of Florida (excluding the panhandle), we have access to listings exclusive to Argus. Call us today at 904-733-0039.