It’s no secret that most employers currently face staffing shortages thanks to the varied experiences of 2020. Whether people faced layoffs during the great shutdown or they now wish to pivot their careers and head in a new direction, many employers find themselves working to fill spots with qualified candidates. It can be helpful to understand why people suddenly shifted; however, it’s important to not spend too much time considering the why and move quickly to the solution for your business. The why can be beneficial, but don’t get stuck there for long.

Competition for new hires is fierce. Be prepared to compete and win. Having a well-defined job description is absolutely necessary. Specify the demands and requirements to fill the position and set the bar high. You can always interview candidates and make exceptions as needed, but there’s no benefit to attracting candidates to a position with low expectations. Let’s look at 5 strategies to bridge the gap while you’re hiring new staff.


  • Create a solid, specific and detailed job description
  • Shift operating hours as needed to high-traffic times
  • Consider job benefits that make your position more attractive
  • Adopt automated technology when possible
  • Utilize your network to find great employees

Create a solid, specific, and detailed job description. Many people have experienced a job that doesn’t meet the job description while spending time in the workforce. This can be frustrating and increase turnover risk especially in a tumultuous economy. Describe the ideal candidate in the job description and then set a specific list of job expectations that clearly outline what the job requires. Consider current problems you’ve encountered with the people in the job for which you are hiring. What will the new hire do differently to avoid a repeat of the same issues? Be specific about your sales expectations if you have those for the posting. Clearly define any terms that are vague.


Shift operating hours as needed to high-traffic times. One important lesson to learn is that if you leave work right this minute, the work will be waiting for you tomorrow. Your other obligations may or may not be waiting. It’s important to address an immediate need over a possible need. While you are working to hire a new candidate, shift your operating hours as needed to the times when your location is most busy. Figure out a schedule that meets the traffic demand and still allows you to continue with any other family responsibilities if your schedule is spread too thin. This doesn’t have to be a permanent solution, but it can help bridge the gap in the hiring and training phase.

Do not forget to communicate this change via social media. It gives you a business reason to post and it’s helpful to the customer who is searching on social to find a business like yours. Get creative with your message and ensure that the customer will be taken care of.


Consider job benefits that make your position more attractive. Most candidates are reassessing their priorities in terms of stress, lifestyle and work-life balance. Candidates may be looking for a complete change in the demands of work in order to have a better balance overall. What job benefits can you realistically consider in order to attract a strong and qualified candidate?

Some options you can consider include: remote work depending on the position, flexible office hours or days, shorter days when applicable, stocked pantry, good coffee, gym memberships, pet-friendly workspaces, educational opportunities, employee recognition for excellent work and length of employment, local business discounts and even free storage. Some of these perks can be offered in connection with another business you can partner with. Consider your options and start working with nearby businesses.

Not every small business owner can make all of these perks work, but it’s important to consider what benefits set you apart from competitors. Most candidates want to know that you care about them as a person. Offering perks helps them to see that your concern for them is genuine and you want them to be satisfied in their work.

As with all perks and benefits, set clear limits and expectations in order to maintain a workplace without chaos and confusion.

Adopt automated technology when possible. There are many ways to automate a self-storage business. Especially during a season of short staffing, working smarter is essential. Self-storage software options abound. Find one that works well for you.

Automated options you should quickly adopt include: online payments, autopay payment, self-service kiosks, online reservations and secure gate access. These items quickly increase your profitability.  We love this article from Storable full of ideas on automation for self-storage.


Utilize network connections to find great employees. Social media and personal contacts are a great way to find the best hires. Post your “now hiring” ad on all social media platforms that your business currently uses. Additionally, notify all your business and friendly contacts that you’re hiring along with a link to your website containing your job description. Networking is still the best way to meet and build relationships with people.


Even in a season of short staffing, there are action steps you can take to ease the burden. Get started today with these 5 strategies. As the Argus Self-Storage Network Affiliate for the state of Florida (excluding the panhandle), Weaver Realty offers solutions to today’s issues in the self-storage world. Call us today at 904-733-0039 to work with us on your next investment.