It’s almost a new year. Soon the calendar will flip over to 2023. What plans do you have to attract new self-storage renters? How often do you survey current renters to determine how they found your business?

There are over 50,000 self-storage facilities in the US alone.  According to, that’s more than all US location of Starbucks, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, and Wendy’s combined. That’s a lot of self-storage businesses. Currently, the average facility occupancy is at 92%, which indicates that despite a struggling economy, self-storage is still doing well.

People use self-storage for a variety of reasons. The top reasons storage is needed include downsizing, storage for business inventory, and making it easier to move to a new home. It’s time to think outside the box and consider other reasons storage might be necessary. Hopefully your business already uses social media as a free marketing tool. It’s simply too easy to generate traffic using tools like Facebook and Instagram, and it doesn’t require too much time. (Check out this post and this post for more details.) Let’s look at 3 steps to attract new self-storage renters in 2023.


  1. Post on social media frequently. Do people know your business exists? You may have road traffic daily, but are they truly aware that your business exists? Think creatively to invite people to be your customer via social media. Consider new reasons self-storage might be helpful.


  1. Offer a solution to a problem. What problems do future customers have that your self-storage can address?
  • Reselling is a big business today. There are many ways to generate income as a reseller online with hundreds of platforms from which to sell. Resellers often need storage for their inventory, and you can provide a solution. New resellers will often even give up valuable inventory or their business altogether due to lack of storage.
  • Another common issue presents itself in new residential communities. With homeowner associations becoming increasingly popular in many states, new residents may find themselves at odds with their HOA over recreational vehicles, boats, and other large toys requiring storage outside of the neighborhood.
  • Small business owners including landscapers, pool cleaners, window cleaners and carpet cleaners all have equipment in need of storage.
  • Utilize these ideas to help you create posts showing the myriad reasons people need self-storage.


  1. Demonstrate the security of your property. Potential customers want to know their items will be safe and secure if they choose your business for self-storage. Make use of social media to showcase the steps your business takes to make sure your units are secure.

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