Imagine that you’re a boutique hotel owner in a fun, touristy, competitive environment. Your hotel is known for a fun atmosphere, fabulous rooms, and the hospitality at the front desk. Your competition is known for the same thing. The price of your rooms is relatively the same. What sets you apart? Your staff is known for making great food recommendations, great entertainment suggestions and even going one or five steps further to book reservations, get you a great seat and more.

The difference is in service. What do you to help your customer? As a business owner, what can you do to set yourself apart from the competition in order to attract new customers? One great way to set your business apart is to provide useful tips.

When your customers sign up with your self-storage, you have captured their information (email, phone, etc.) and can share with them regular tips and information to assist them as they use your self-storage business. Additionally, you should also be sharing these tips and tricks on social media to show followers why they should use your self-storage over the one down the street.

Here are 10 tips to get you started as you seek to provide a higher level of customer service to your future and current customers. You can take each one of these tips and share it on a schedule with your customers. Additionally, you can be intentional in using these tips when potential customers come to inquire about your self-storage.


  1. Invest in self-storage insurance. You need it.

This is number 1 for a reason. Self-storage businesses have insurance against

property loss, but it may not fully cover your belongings. Each business will

carry different insurance and you should ask what is covered. As a customer,

you still need insurance to protect your belongings in case of loss or damage

outside of what the business insurance carries. Ask questions, call to get 3 or

more quotes and pick the best one for your situation.

  1. Ask about our security plan.

As a self-storage owner, discussing your security set up should come easily

and often. Customers are most concerned about the security of their

belongings. Ease their mind by explaining in detail the security available

on your property.

  1. You need a storage plan. We can help you!

Be an expert at assisting your customers in organizing their storage unit. If

they ask for help and you don’t oblige, you’re missing an opportunity to set

your business apart. Creating a storage plan based on each size of unit you

offer is just one way to set yourself apart. “Since you need a — unit, we have

already created a suggested storage plan for you to make move-in day a


  1. You need to label your boxes (yes, every single box).

Provide a handy tool to show them how to label their boxes. What would

be helpful to you if you were moving in? Offer that on a cool wall poster for

customers who come in to the store. Share it on social media as a handy

graphic that customers can save or refer to.

  1. Get the right size unit.

Demonstrate integrity and helpfulness by suggesting the correct unit size.

Even if you could make more money suggesting a bigger unit, if they don’t

need it, they will know you’re trying to oversell. Don’t.

  1. Check your storage unit regularly.

Encourage your customers to regularly check their units. Make sure the

doors are functioning properly in addition to checking for damage. A great

social media tool is to share periodically, “Have you checked your storage

unit today?”

  1. Protect your items against moisture, pests and damage.

Search out and suggest the best options for protection against moisture,

pests and damage. Additionally, make sure that your potential and current

customers know what you do to protect against pests. Additionally, making

suggestions about pests inside of their unit is really helpful to a new


  1. Make note of items you CANNOT store in a storage unit.

Each state may have specific rules against what can be stored in a storage

unit, there are a handful of items across the board that cannot be stored.

Provide this list to potential and current customers on a regular basis. Items

like food, hazardous material, guns, ammunition, people, animals, wet items,

and more must not be stored.

  1. Get your own lock. We can help you find the most secure one.

There are some great locks available today for self-storage. Know which ones

are the best to use. Take it one step further and offer them for sale for a

reasonable price.

  1. Shelves and pallets are really useful.

Shelves and pallets keep boxes off the floor, which makes pest control a little

easier. Shelves can be expensive, but many businesses offer pallets for free.

Explain the benefits of both and even offer them for sale if it makes sense for

your business.


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