As a self-storage business owner, it is imperative to utilize software to manage your clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Software can assist you in maintaining an accurate database of both potential and current customers, accounts payable and receivable, manage vacancies and lease renewal. In this post-2020 era, self-storage companies are moving toward contactless operations with streamlined staff, and software can make this easier to accomplish. The goal is working smarter, not harder.

There are many software options available. It’s best to start by considering your specific needs and system requirements. Many systems will interface with an existing website. Some systems work best if you build a website from their system. If you’ve already spent money building a website, it might be best to consider one that will interface with what you already have in order to avoid spending additional money on a new website. Additionally, unless you’re certain you will love the functionality of a website based within a specific software system, don’t spend a lot of time or money going this route just to figure out it doesn’t work the way you hoped.

Key features that most software options offer include:

  • online payment processing
  • online reservations
  • invoice creation
  • late payment assessment
  • facility mapping including vacancies
  • customer relationship management
  • auction manager (for late and past due accounts)

Let’s look at three strong options to help you manage your self-storage business.

  1. YardiBreeze
  2. Self-Storage Manager
  3. storEDGE

YardiBreeze is a property management software that offers customization for your self-storage business. As a self-storage business, you would need the Breeze Premier option which does allow you to build a website within the software. Features of this software are robust, but “refreshingly simple” according to the website. You can setup easily, access leads via, lease online, accept online payments, track vacancies and prospects, integrate your gate security, email and text tenants, and handle accounts payable. There are many additional features included in the base price as well as additional features that are an additional price. The website feature comes with an added cost.

Self-Storage Manager is a Microsoft Partner Network software. If an easy interface with your Microsoft products is important to you, take a look at this option. It is a web-based program with robust features that easily allow you manage single or multiple properties. Some included features are: real-time unit inventory for customers, online reservation, customer portal, online payments, flexible pricing options to allow control in offering discounts, equipment rental, merchandise sales, inventory management, workflow creation for project management, rental invoices, late notices, auction letters, and more. This option does not offer an accounting function, which is actually not terrible. Many people already have an accounting option they love or know how to use. This product does interface with Sage, Peachtree and Quickbooks for accounting.

storEDGE is another strong option. Based on data that the parent company has collected, Storable asserts you will save an average of 53 hours of work per month utilizing the critical workflows within their software. That would be a benefit for sure. To achieve this time savings, you would utilize the tenant management tools, revenue management systems, and integrated collections, delinquency and auction management in order to provide timely communication to tenants, task management for staff and revenue tracking for the owner.

Each of these options (along with many other that we read about for this post), offers a free demo. You do exchange your e-mail information for the free demo, but the demo is the best way to see if this will work for your business or not.

Software Connect offers a longer list of good software options here.

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