As an entrepreneur, it is often necessary to do many jobs yourself. You may want to be a truly hands-on business owner. There are times when you might need to consider professional services that can take some tasks off your hands and make life easier. Let’s look at three services you might need for your business.


  • Project management
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Property management


What is project management?

Project management involves the planning and organization of a company’s resources allocated to a specific project. In commercial real estate, this is often a capital project to change a commercial real estate space or for tenant improvement projects.


A project management professional will work to plan, coordinate, budget and secure contracts to complete the project both on time and within budget. Capital improvement projects can be daunting. If you’re unsure where to start, hiring a professional is worth the investment. The project manager provides constant supervision to the project with the goal of providing a completed project with little headache for the owner. Each project is planned and executed to ensure compliance with applicable standards specific to your location and your needs.


What is facilities maintenance?

Facilities maintenance provides 24/7 service to commercial properties based on the needs of the client. Facilities maintenance works to keep a commercial facility in excellent working order, provide a clean and safe work and business environment, and to achieve this while being fiscally and environmentally responsible. Facilities maintenance includes HVAC, plumbing, electrical, office equipment, windows, doors, paint, garbage and waste disposal, grounds keeping, landscape care, and weather maintenance.


A facilities maintenance team will assess the specific needs of your property(ies) and create a plan to provide the services required with timeliness and financial efficiency. Services can be provided by the facilities maintenance team or by preferred contractors when the skill necessary requires it. Facilities maintenance can save you time and money.


What is property management?

Property management provides streamlined communication and business services for commercial property owners. Property managers communicate as often as needed with tenants in addition to offering solutions to make rent payments quick and easy. Property managers insure that tenants are complying with any contractual obligations as well as deed restrictions. Additionally, they collect and disburse rent payments in a timely and efficient manner.


At Weaver Realty, we provide project management, facilities maintenance and property management services. We partner with our clients to provide results that reduce expenses. Our team is ready to work with you to lift some of the burden of property management and still allow you to be as involved in the process as you prefer. Call us today at 904-733-0039 for a consultation to assess your needs.