We focused a lot in 2021 on prepping for hurricane season so that the tasks become manageable and routine. Working and living in the state of Florida, there are routines you maintain to make hurricane season easier to get through.

Last year we broke it down into 6 manageable steps to tackle. You can refresh yourself on those steps here:


  • Hurricane Prep 1: This information focuses on keeping your action plan manageable by tackling projects on a monthly basis during the active hurricane season. Insurance and communication are the topics in this post.


  • Hurricane Prep 2: These 2 action steps focus on having a property inspection done to detect any problem areas in advance as well as focusing on data storage for your small business.


  • Hurricane Prep 3: The focus here is on prepping your physical property with adequate supplies and necessary maintenance. Ideally this is part of your maintenance calendar that we highly recommend.


  • Hurricane Prep 4: Have a plan for storage of outdoor items and for remote work in the event of a hurricane. We provide tips on creating a plan as well.


  • Hurricane Prep 5: Take time to consider how you can serve your community in the wake of a hurricane. What services can you offer on site or remotely to be a servant in your area?


  • Hurricane Prep 6: Itemize all business possessions, equipment, computers, etc. Make sure you have a water and fireproof container for secure document storage.


It can be easy to ignore hurricane season altogether. We get used to living with it and take it as it comes. Preparation in small amounts scattered throughout the year can save you stress and anxiety when a storm inevitably hits. You will feel as prepared as you possibly can be as a storm approaches.


At Weaver Realty, we provide full service facilities and property maintenance. We can take the guesswork out of hurricane preparation as well as the to-do list off your plate. We would love to work with you to prepare your business for hurricane season and keep you running smoothly year-round. Call us today to find out how we can work together for your business at 903-733-0039.