Stewardship of a business involves taking care of finances, saving and spending wisely, providing security on property, and using resources that impact the environment wisely. As business owners, it is important to make small changes to be more environmentally conscious.


In construction of a new self-storage facility, it’s easier to build with the environment in mind as it fits into your budget. Discuss with your contractor in advance regarding the environmentally friendly building practices that are most important to you. There are minimum standards for achieving a LEED certification on your new build, which you can learn about here.

According to the US Green Building Council (responsible for LEED), here are the items to consider when building: integrative thinking, energy, water, waste, materials, location, transportation, sustainable sites, health and human experience, regional impacts, innovation, global/regional/local context. With these items in mind, you can achieve one of the levels of LEED certification as you build. Here are four items to consider on your new construction self-storage or to update your existing business.


  1. Add a green roof or living wall to your construction plans. Green roofs or living walls provide much needed insulation (especially in Florida), reduce heating and cooling costs, absorb rainwater and release oxygen. A green roof or living wall is easy to maintain and can be aesthetically pleasing to customers. Additionally, if a green roof or living wall isn’t an option, consider a lighter colored roof the next time you replace, repaint or repair. Lighter colors reflect light and heat rather than absorbing them and forcing your energy consumption higher.
  2. LED lighting is an easy decision because it saves you money and provides sustainability long-term. LED lighting is something that you can quickly change if you have an existing structure and you’re looking to be more eco-conscious. By updating old incandescent or fluorescent lighting, you can reduce your energy usage by up to 75 percent.
  3. Harness the power of the sun with solar energy. Solar panels are a big investment that may take a few years to provide you with a return; however, the investment should not be dismissed on cost alone. Solar panels can eventually supply all the power necessary for your self-storage location and even provide energy back to the grid. With Florida’s sunny skies, this is an investment worth considering. There may be tax initiatives to help you recoup some of your investment. If solar panels are not an option, you can use solar film or panels on windows to keep your air conditioned space cooler and provide a uniform aesthetic for your exterior.
  4. Install a new or update your existing HVAC system to provide a more efficient heating and cooling system for your building. While HVAC is one of the more expensive items to consider when building or improving, Florida Public Utilities offers incentives to business owners as well in order to encourage more green options.


Green buildings do save investors more over time despite upfront costs that can be challenging to absorb. In the end, it’s important to consider the long-term investment and reward for green initiatives. Your commercial property can have a positive environmental impact just by adopting a few changes to your current and future properties.


At Weaver Realty, we look for ways to help you plan a green commercial space when building new. We can also consult with you to upgrade your current properties as you adopt more eco-friendly options. We look forward to working with you. Call us today at 904-733-0039.