Before you enter the world of self-storage, it might be tempting to wonder if people really need that much storage as you drive by one of the 49,000 storage facilities in the United States. The state of Florida boasts a whopping 2800+ facilities and counting. The fact is, people love stuff, people have a lot of stuff, and people don’t always want to part with that stuff. Interestingly enough, only about 10.6 percent of households rent a storage unit, but the industry only has about 8% vacant space.

The self-storage industry is a great spot to dip your toe in if you want to expand your entrepreneurial skill set. Let’s look at the top 10 reasons or uses for self-storage in the United States today.


  1. Temporary moving storage. Many individuals find themselves in need of space available between closing on homes, moving to another home or even between renting apartments. Self-storage provides access to affordable options for short-term needs.
  2. Storage for boat, RV, ATV. Especially true in Florida, boat, RV, motorhome and ATV storage is in high demand. Some states where demand is high for this particular storage, people will drive several hours to retrieve their stored item.
  3. Storage for vehicle when not in use/collector’s vehicle. Individuals who collect cars utilize storage to keep their collector cars safely tucked away from the elements. Additionally, in states with harsh winters and limited street parking, self-storage presents a solution for keeping your vehicle safe and clean for the months when you do need it.
  4. Storage for items belonging to a loved one. Life changing events with aging parents or other loved ones is painful and difficult. Many people will turn to self-storage to store items until they are prepared to deal with it.
  5. Storage during renovation. When renovating a home, remodeling a room or even laying down new floors, self-storage can provide much needed space for a short-term for the work to be done.
  6. Business inventory. Small businesses owners utilize self-storage to keep their inventory securely stored until they have space for it in a brick and mortar store or until it sells online. This is a smart way to utilize self-storage if you’re a business owner and keep your operating space clutter free.
  7. Lack of space in the home. The year 2020 taught us that things in life change quickly. Many people new to working from home realized they didn’t have enough space to set up a work area without a self-storage unit to move items. Because remote work may not be permanent, this provided an excellent solution for people needing more space for kids and adults to be able to work at home.
  8. When retiring and downsizing, self-storage is a great solution for family heirlooms or other items you are not ready to part with.
  9. Sadly, when this need arises, self-storage provides an option for storage of items until they are needed again.
  10. College students. Every summer, many college students vacate dorms with carloads of items to bring home. Self-storage provides an excellent option in the college town to secure items over the summer and be readily available when returning to school in the fall.


There are many reasons people use self-storage. As an owner/operator, it would be advantageous to spend time strategically planning how to reach the types of people listed above to grow your self-storage business. Spend 30 minutes brainstorming and planning the best way to capitalize on marketing to different groups of people to meet their needs for self-storage.


It can be tempting to think that with a low vacancy rate there is no need for focused marketing. At Weaver Realty, we take our role as the Argus Network Affiliate seriously.  We look forward to working to help you every step of the way see all the possibilities for business growth as a self-storage owner. You can find current Argus properties available here or call us today to work with us at 904-733-0039.