As a business owner, it’s important to think like a customer. After all, you’re trying to attract strong customers to your self-storage business. What makes a potential customer seek out self-storage? What makes them choose one over another?

Most customers consider the following factors when choosing self-storage:

  1. Is storage really necessary?
  2. How much storage can I afford?
  3. How long will storage be needed?
  4. How easily accessible is the location?
  5. How secure is the self-storage location?


In approaching your self-storage business from the customer point of view, the first thing to consider is – is storage really necessary? As a customer considers your business for their storage needs, knowledge that this question is still in their mind is important to note. Even as they visit your place of business on inquiry, this question is still in their mind. What would you do to convince a potential customer that self-storage is absolutely a necessity?


The next hurdle to overcome with potential customers is how much storage can I afford? It should be easy for you to assess quickly how much storage is needed based on asking a few questions. Offer the customer three options for storage sizes based on the information you have gathered. Some individuals may feel uncomfortable giving too much information away about the items they’re storing. Seeking to establish trust and rapport is essential. You’re asking questions to better serve them and meet their needs. The more information you have, the better recommendations you can make. Keep in mind, customers have likely already shopped the average cost of self-storage.


How long will storage be needed? Customers may also consider the length of storage options available. Providing short-term storage solutions is absolutely essential whenever possible. People often use short-term storage when moving, seasonally, and especially for college students. Offering great deals on various rental lengths is a great way to expand your business and remain at capacity.


How easily accessible is the location? Unless you’re building a new self-storage facility, you will have little control over whether a customer chooses you based on location. What you do need to understand is that most customers are looking for storage that is nearby, so your target market for customers is hyper local. Spending some time knowing your neighbors is smart business and your best investment. Marketing your business locally does not have to be expensive. You will use a combination of strategies to gain visibility within your community. This article provides 20 great tips and most of them are free!


How secure is the self-storage location? If you can address this issue up front with a potential customer and gain their trust, you can overcome every hurdle above. The first issue to discuss with a future customer is how secure your location is and what steps you have taken as a business owner to make it so. Prepare a detailed but concise 3-5 step explanation of your overall security plan on site. Providing security and peace of mind to someone storing treasured belongings with you will gain their trust quickly.


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