As a self-storage owner, you will have a unique customer base including business owners who need extra storage, churches, non-profit groups, individuals, families, college students and more. Every customer will have different needs. As a business owner, you can provide tips and information on how to get the most out of your storage space by organizing it effectively and efficiently.

We have collected our top 10 tips for organizing a self-storage unit here. We encourage you to share this information with your customers so they can be efficient in their use of space. They will thank you for it!


  1. Use the same size box or bin for all your packing whenever possible. The size should be manageable for you to carry in case you don’t have additional help in packing or moving. Bins are a better option than boxes due to the ability to keep items dry and sealed. Boxes on the floor might absorb moisture.
  2. Pack boxes or bins full and evenly. Make the most of your space by packing all boxes full and evenly. Keep like items with like items. The only exception to this would be if you store a lot of books or other heavy items. Books can make your boxes quite heavy, so it’s okay to spread them out between several boxes and then pack lighter items on top of the books.
  3. Pack boxes or bins to a weight that is manageable for everyone who will access the storage. Keep each box to a weight of about 20-30 pounds so that the boxes are manageable for most people to carry. Additionally, keep the heavier boxes on the bottom so that they don’t crush a lighter box stored underneath.
  4. Invest in shelving if possible to keep boxes and items off of the floor. Shelves are great if you can afford them. This Husky brand is a great option that is affordable. Start with what you can afford and add other shelves later. Facebook Marketplace is a great place to find garage shelves for cheap.
  5. Label both ends of the box with the contents. Create a list of the contents of all boxes in a Word document so you will know where to locate the box you need. Label, label, label the boxes. Plan the layout of your stored items and keep a written record. Tape it inside the wall of your unit to help you find stuff easily when you stop in.
  6. Utilize furniture you’re storing to hold boxed items. An IKEA KALLAX shelf that’s going into storage makes a great space to hold boxes or bins. Otherwise, disassemble furniture that’s going to take up a lot of space that you need. Don’t pack boxes on top of things that are precious and could get broken. After learning the hard way, a drop leaf table did not survive my own personal storage situation with two (just two!) heavy boxes on top of it. I still miss the table. Do not store empty furniture – you’re missing out on great storage space.
  7. Furniture blankets, tarps, old blankets and even old sheets make excellent covers for items you don’t want to scratch. You’re protecting items you care about, so use whatever you have on hand to keep it free from damage while in storage.
  8. Store items you will access frequently near the front with clear labeling. If certain items will be needed, keep them easily accessible to keep you from digging through every box or bin when you need it.
  9. Disguise any items of value. Theft does happen even with secure self-storage. If you have items of value, make sure you can locate them in your unit, but make it hard for thieves to see them right at the entrance.
  10. A final tip that really deserves a post all by itself is the use of technology to keep track of your storage items. Scan Your Boxes is a great organizational tool to keep track of each and every item in your box. Sortly is also a great option to track what you have in storage.


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