As a property owner, you may find yourself looking to hire a property management team for your investments. If you have made the decision to outsource this job, it’s necessary to do some research on the best solution for your situation. Two options you need to consider are hiring a property management company or hiring a property management professional.

A property management professional is an individual who manages commercial investment properties to ensure they are well maintained, efficiently run and profitable. provides a thorough explanation on the profession.

property management company shares the same tasks and expectations as an individual – they’re just a company you hire to do the job.

In order to decide which one will meet your needs the best, the first step to tackle is to list all of the tasks to be taken care of at your properties. This is a necessary and beneficial step to set expectations up front with the company or individual you choose. It may also help narrow down the field of choices. So what things should you look for in a property management team?


  • Experience
  • Investor Focus
  • Customer Service Minded
  • Organized & Proactive
  • Technology Savvy



Experience is essential in this industry. As an investor you want someone who knows what they’re doing based off years of work. How many properties have they managed? How have they handled trouble properties in the past? How many current properties are they managing? A property management professional with solid experience will also have a sound understanding of local legal requirements regarding tenants and landlords.


Investor Focus

The ideal candidate will care for and maintain your property as if it were their own. You don’t want your property to be lost in a sea of many other properties, and you don’t want it to be an afterthought. A property management professional will have a foundational understanding of rental investments in order to make decisions in the best interest of the owner. A willingness to learn more and a demonstrated desire for learning is valuable as well, because even if they lack some real estate knowledge, they can be willing to learn more.

You want a professional who is able to anticipate the needs of the business and make recommendations that will increase the value of the property. You want a professional who sees a need and takes care of it without waiting to be told.


Customer Service Minded

Property management professionals or companies are always interacting with customers, contractors and other service professionals. It can be challenging, time consuming and stressful. It requires a great deal of patience, listening and assertiveness when necessary. How do you handle difficult conversations? How do you handle contractors who are late for a particular project? How do you handle a customer who is upset?


Organized & Proactive

A property manager needs to be both organized and proactive. They need to keep accurate records and stay on top of projects. They will often be managing multiple projects at a time and organizational skills are imperative. Determining how they have managed multiple projects in the past will be necessary to see if they’re the best choice for you.


Technology Savvy

Technology is a great asset in managing properties. There are many tasks that can be automated to lighten the load for more pressing, hands-on issues. The right candidate will use technology wisely to work smarter. How do you currently use technology on the properties you manage? What are some of the most valuable technology assets you currently use? Are you open to learning new technology that would aid you in your job? How do you stay on top of new technology that is coming out?


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