As a commercial property owner, it can be cost effective to manage a construction or renovation project yourself. As the owner you become the person in charge of securing bids, negotiating and finally securing the goods and services for the project. The question is – when is your project too big? When is it time to hire a project manager?

What is a project manager?

A commercial project manager is one who coordinates the efforts of all contractors on a particular job to get it done. Project managers assist with project goals, project budgets, planning the project from start to finish, ensuring deadlines are met, providing guidance, and monitoring the job.  The project manager is essentially the organizer of the project and the main contact at the work site to remove the responsibility from the owner or operator.

It’s not always possible or easy for an owner/operator to manage a project and manage the business. Customers still need assistance while you have a project going on; as a result, the project can take longer than expected because full attention is not given to managing the tasks each day.

If you have ever built a house or installed a pool or even hired a painter to paint your house, you know that the process can be long and tedious. Even something simple like painting a house can take days with mistakes and missteps that you didn’t anticipate. It can be frustrating and require a lot of time just to complete a project that should only take a week or two.


Benefits to Hiring a Project Manager

  • Save time & money for your business
  • Mitigate issues & opportunities
  • Minimize risk to property
  • Quality first


Save time & Money for Your Business

By hiring a project manager, you can save time that would be spent planning and executing the build or the project. You will be involved in the planning process, the budgeting process and at various points along the way. The responsibility for the successful completion of the project will be off your shoulders and out of your hands. You can focus on building your business.

Hiring a project manager helps you stick to your budget. You can determine if there is room in the budget to extend to your project manager, and they can be the one to say no when needed. They will also manage any mistakes or issues that come up that might eat into the budget.


Mitigate Issues & Opportunities

Every project will have issues that be positive or negative. The project manager will work to avoid mistakes or other costly errors. Project managers provide expertise that can avoid a problem as well as find ways to complete a task more effectively. A project manager is an investment that can save money in the long run.


Minimize Risk to Property

Construction brings risk. It’s essential to keep safety on your property a point of focus so that customers can feel confident in your business and employees can execute their jobs easily. Project managers can work with contractors to minimize risk on the job site and to excuse anyone operating in an unsafe manner. It would be impossible as an owner to run your business and provide constant supervision if needed.


Quality First

Project managers provide experience to ensure that quality is first on your project. Whether your project is big or small, you want it done well and done right. You want it completed within your budget and allotted time frame without compromising quality.


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