With an industry-wide vacancy rate of 8.3 percent, the demand for self-storage isn’t slowing down. Currently, about 10.6 percent of households utilize self-storage. Even with a slightly concerning economic outlook on the horizon, people still have more stuff than space and need a place to store it. It’s important to keep your marketing strategy sharp even now.

Let’s look at 4 creative and necessary ways to boost your marketing strategy for your business.

  • Host an open house with local businesses (realtors, movers, independent/assisted living
  • Be active in your local community groups (Chamber of Commerce, economic development)
  • Be active & engaging on social media (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Use your business sign to spread joy

Host an open house with local businesses (realtors, movers, independent/assisted living)

Networking with relevant businesses is a great way to market your self-storage facility. Realtors are always assisting people with moving and storing. Local moving companies are another excellent source for new customers. Families moving loved ones into independent and assisted living centers also may need storage for items that don’t fit in the new home. Making these connections is mutually beneficial as your business can also provide references to realtors, movers and living facilities also.

Be active in your local community groups (Chamber of Commerce, economic development)

While this may be a slightly old way of marketing, being active in your community groups is still important. As a business owner, there are generations of people who still want to do business face-to-face as much as possible. The local chamber of commerce, business economic development group, and other local organizations are great sources of contacts. If attending the monthly events is not your style, simply having a membership is a beneficial way to market your business and expertise to the community.

Be active & engaging on social media (Facebook, Instagram)

Having an active social media presence is absolutely necessary. A Facebook business profile (which we have covered before) is essential because many people use this as way to find out basic business information. Make sure that your profile is complete with contact information, hours of operation, manager contact information, and any other information that a potential customer would need. Make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for with you. Posting regularly is a great way to engage your current and potential customers. Make sure you invite your personal Facebook friends to like and follow your business page. There’s no shame in that – they will ask you to follow them also.

Instagram is a great platform for visual content. Perhaps you offer services above and beyond self-storage. This is a great way to position as an expert and engage consumers in a relevant and helpful way. There are other platforms that are available for free for you to use. Start with what’s listed here and as you have time OR see a need, you can add others. Not every platform makes sense for every business. Less can be more on social media.

Use your business sign to spread joy

This is a tale of two self-storage businesses less than 4 miles from my house. These are competing businesses located less than a mile apart. One business uses the marquee to post funny jokes, spread kindness or general goodwill. The other business has a marquee in disrepair and a sign on the door limiting the customers inside to 3 people or less. One is inviting while the other quite literally is asking you to wait outside for the other customers to leave. If a need arises for me to use a self-storage, these are the two I have to choose from based on proximity to my home. I know which one I will call first.

The need for self-storage isn’t going away. People just aren’t willing to part with their stuff. That’s good news for you as a business owner and good news for Weaver as the Argus Self-Storage Network Affiliate in Florida. We love the self-storage industry and look forward to partnering with you every step of the way as you build your self-storage portfolio. Call us today at 904-733-0039.