When considering the upkeep on a commercial rental property, it’s essential to have an organized maintenance checklist.

Regular property maintenance is necessary to keep everything functioning as it should. Additionally it helps minimize risk to customers and renters. As a property owner, it’s your responsibility to protect your investment from normal wear and tear or other greater maintenance needs.

If you’re managing your commercial property as an owner-operator, you likely already know many of the areas in need of your attention. If not, there is a wealth of resources online to assist you in getting started. Additionally, a property management company can be a great investment to keep your investment in perfect order.

There are four main areas to cover. Under each area, there are lists of tasks to complete. Your specific property may have additional or fewer needs. Generally, this list should cover a basic commercial property.

Interior public spaces

  • Is it a clean, uncluttered and safe environment?
  • Check for even lighting.
  • Check surfaces for rust or wear.
  • Inspect glass, caulking, weather-stripping.
  • Check security system and all exposed devices.
  • Check walking mats/doormats for safety, hanging treads
  • Are directions, manager’s office sign and other signage and arrows in place?
  • Check condition of mail drop, vending areas, phones, elevator areas.
  • Check for tripping hazards.
  • Mark or remove any dangers or hazards.
  • Check any special features to be in good working condition.
  • Is the elevator certificate current and on display?
  • Is the elevator properly leveled at each floor?
  • Are the elevator doors uniformly operating and clearly labeled?
  • Is the emergency phone in good working condition?

Interior non-public spaces

  • Are elevator controls marked for easy operation?
  • Are disconnect controls easily locatable?
  • Check for oil rags, trash, dirt in elevator room.
  • Are there drafts of dust in elevator shaft?
  • Are intake louvers unobstructed?
  • Insure all areas are free or debris or any hazardous material.
  • Insure all areas are properly lit and well ventilated.
  • Insure all areas are locked to prevent entry from customers.
  • Storage in non-public spaces should be neat and orderly.
  • Chemicals must be properly marked and MSDS available.

Exterior spaces

  • Notice any trash or debris to remove
  • Does anything appear to need repair?
  • Check window and door seals
  • Check vents and drains and look for any standing water.
  • Does the roof show any spots in need of repair?
  • Is there any evidence of damage to roof materials?
  • Is there damage to masonry?
  • Are lights, antennae and ductwork properly fastened and connected?
  • Are there any missing safety features to the exterior? Handrails, ramps, etc.
  • Conduct an inspection at night to insure proper lighting of exterior spaces.
  • Do sprinklers function properly after hours?


  • Is the HVAC in good working order?
  • Is there condensation that shouldn’t be there?
  • Check for cleanliness, adequate lighting and safety.
  • Check valves and pipes for proper markings and/or tags
  • Are test tags in place and up to date on valves and fire extinguishers?
  • Look for leaks, spots and any other indication or repair needed
  • Check logbook for maintenance records.
  • Do any filters need replacement?
  • Check sump pans under cooling towers.
  • Check engineer’s office for certificates, reports, notices, work standards and schedules.
  • Listen for sounds of something not working properly.
  • Check emergency generator operation.

Do It Yourself Maintenance

If your desire is to handle your own commercial property maintenance and you’re not sure where to start, the list above is a good foundation. There are many resources online today including the following for specific spaces:

Here’s a great checklist for use when inspecting your commercial HVAC.

HVAC is an expensive piece of your property and may require professional maintenance on its own.

Hemlane provides an extensive overview of property maintenance.

If your property is a rental property space, Homevault provides a free download with specific information related to seasons also.

Let the professionals handle it

As you check off the boxes above, you may find you have additional needs to consider in your specific property. Property maintenance can be overwhelming depending on the needs of your specific space and the age of the structure. Weaver Realty & Property Management can help. At Weaver Realty, we provide expert property management services to make sure your property is completely covered and operating with excellence. Call us today at 904-733-0039 so we can partner with you to manage your property portfolio.