Becoming a life-long learner is invaluable to the success of any business. It’s easy to find a routine and stick with it for years because “it’s working so why mess with it.” Many business owners and managers can find themselves in a rut operating this way.

A great opportunity for learning and networking is to join local and national organizations and associations related to your profession. Today we will focus on a few self-storage associations and give you the benefits of involvement.

Like many industries, self-storage has many great organizations or associations to join. First you would look at local organizations specific to your state or region.

Florida Self-Storage Association is a state-wide, non-profit, trade organization. They host an annual conference each year in the spring. According to the website, FSSA is “committed to enhancing the self storage industry in Florida. The majority of our members are family owned and operated businesses. Our focus is providing you with quality education, networking opportunities and the tools necessary for continued success.” This organization is beneficial because members pay attention to any state legislation that is industry-relevant and work on behalf of members to protect and support the trade.

Their website provides resources, articles and other information. Networking opportunities abound at the annual conference.

Self-Storage Association is a national organization representing the industry as a registered lobbying entity before Congress. According to the website, “SSA is your one-stop source for self storage-specific learning opportunities on key topics.” Membership allows access to many online resources, networking opportunities, online directories, healthcare information, and publications.

SSA offers a winter ski workshop and a spring conference annually which provides excellent learning and mentorship sessions. SSA encourages members to attend and participate in the Inside Self Storage World Expo as well as the Self-Storage Talk Forum. Let’s dive into these resources quickly.

Inside Self-Storage is an industry-wide resource. It is strongly encouraged to take time to explore the website as it contains abundant information to help you as an owner or operator. You will find directories, articles, blog posts, and more resources than you can ever read through. ISS also hosts the annual World Expo in the spring. This really is a great resource for new and seasoned owners.

The Self-Storage Talk Forum is hosted by the ISS website and provides a way for you to connect with other self-storage owners and operators across the country. The forum is a great way to post questions and answers related to self-storage where you can receive expert advice from those in the industry.

Joining associations and organizations might seem nerve-wracking at first. Starting with a local organization might put your mind at ease before jumping into a national event. You can even be a host to other owners and operators within your community for a monthly lunch meeting or breakfast. This provides you the chance to meet others in your field and build a community of your peers.

Does this mean I have to change everything about the way I operate? Absolutely not, and in fact, you probably should not do that. Associations and organizations are just another tool in your belt to help manage your business and network. The goal in any field is to always be the best you can be. Learning opportunities provide new information that might be helpful to you on this journey.

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