Since May we have focused on making hurricane prep a manageable task. In general, hurricane prep is just a series of tasks to complete throughout the year so that you’re ready for anything that comes up. Maybe your business doesn’t encounter hurricanes, but you get tornadoes from time to time. Whatever the crisis, being prepared is the key to coming out in the best possible situation.


We started in May with:

  1. Contact insurance company regarding current coverage.
  2. Communicate with tenants about their responsibility.

For June we moved on to:

  1. Perform a property inspection to assess vulnerabilities.
  2. Perform a backup on all computer information.

In July, we worked on:

  1. Gather necessary supplies like sandbags and plywood that are easy to store until needed.
  2. Trim branches and remove debris that could become a hazard.

In August, our tasks were:

  1. Assess and plan for storage of smaller outdoor items.
  2. Create a plan to work remotely during and after the storm as needed.

For September, we:

  1. Stay focused on the ability to work remotely.
  2. Look for ways to help the community surrounding your business.

Finally, we are wrapping up our preparation with three simple tasks.

  1. Maintain an itemized list of business possessions, computers, equipment, inventory and other items that could be a loss in a storm.
  2. Secure any vital business documents in a protected location.


Let’s start with the first task.


Maintain an itemized list of business possessions, computers, equipment, inventory and other items that could be a loss in a storm.


In maintaining accurate business records, it’s important to track your assets. All office equipment, computers, software, security cameras, retail inventory, sales tools and more is a business asset. If you lose any of it during a natural disaster, you’ll need to have a record to provide to your insurance company to make a claim. Photos of items are helpful also.


This is a task that should be factored into your annual maintenance calendar. Purchases happen year-round and need documentation for catastrophic events.


Your second task is to secure any vital business documents in a waterproof, fireproof, airtight container.

Hopefully you run a well-organized business with a decent filing system. If not, now is a good time to adopt that practice.


Gather any necessary documents that are not easily replaceable or that you might need after an event and find a secure place to store them.

Scanning important documents into digital storage as a second source is a good plan also. While many business documents can be replaced, it can be costly or time consuming. Planning ahead can prevent a headache after a hurricane or storm.


Wrap Up

This is the final installment of our six-part focus on being hurricane ready. The purpose was to give you a starting point and list of easy tasks broken down to make it doable. Running a business is challenging. Being prepared for a natural disaster doesn’t have to overwhelm. Tackle it one step at a time. At Weaver Realty, we can assist with all your property management needs including hurricane preparation. We offer full property management services. We can assist you in fine-tuning all the details of your property. Call us today at 904-733-0039.