After move-in day my freshman year of college, I asked my mom “wait, so I have to do this every year until I graduate?”

If you went to college, you probably remember moving into your first dorm or apartment. You remember carrying all the things up all the stairs and wondering why you needed so much stuff after all. But, it’s easy to forget that all the things have to be removed every spring and returned the next year until you’re done. That’s a lot of moving. If you graduate in 4 years, that’s at least 8 moves total.

As a self-storage business owner, let me encourage you to fully explore this untapped market. Whether your business is located in or near a college town, you likely have college students living in your town. Here are 3 tips for finding college customers.

  1. Support and advertise with the local college or community college.

If you have a college in town, this is an absolute slam-dunk. Every spring the dorms have to be vacated. College kids are bringing all their stuff home and it’s got to go somewhere. Why not present an alternative to students so they can quickly and easily move back in when classes resume?

Advertise on your local college campus. Place an ad in the school newspaper. Target your Facebook and Instagram ads to reach local college kids. Set up a table on campus (with permission) and hand out free stuff while you tell them about the services you offer.

Create an affordable college student plan that is specific to this demographic.

  1. Make moving easy.

Think outside the box here. After students finish finals, they have to pack up and go. Offering a bonded and insured packing service is an excellent way to make their move easier. An additional service is providing pickup and delivery to your self-storage for them. All they have to do is show up to sign papers and get their key. Make it easy for them to move out and hard to say no because it’s literally so simple to use your service.

  1. Market storage services to college parents.

Perhaps you don’t have a college in your town. It’s still highly likely you have families with kids in college. Using targeted marketing on social media to reach families with college students is key. So many parents have no idea where to put all the stuff once it comes back home. Give them easy and affordable options.

When you’re a business owner, you have to be creative and think outside the box. You may come up with a service that people will line up for because it makes life easier.

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