We have been tackling hurricane prep one step at a time since May. We are well into hurricane season for 2021. If you’ve tackled the tasks below already, you are well prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Let’s recap what we have tackled so far in our monthly to do list that is more manageable.

May hurricane prep:
  1. Contact insurance company regarding current coverage
  2. Communicate with tenants about their responsibility
June hurricane prep:
  1. Performed a property inspection to assess vulnerabilities
  2. Performed a backup on all computer information
July’s hurricane prep:
  1. Gather necessary supplies like sandbags and plywood that are easy to store until needed.
  2. Trim branches and remove debris that could become a hazard.

Your tasks to take care of this month include:

  1. Assess and plan for storage of smaller outdoor items
  2. Create a plan to work remotely during and after the storm as needed


Store Outdoor Items & Remove Debris

This month we are focusing on a specific plan of what needs to be removed, moved or secured in advance of a storm.

A property assessment from a couple months ago would reveal any red flags in need of repair or removal. If you haven’t had an inspection yet, that’s okay. You can do it now.

Assess your property for all items that could become airborne in a storm. Think of things like flowerpots, planters, trash bins, tables, chairs, benches or any supplies you provide to tenants. It’s important to make note of every single item. Now, that you have a list of the items, find a place for each item to be stored in an interior space.

Take it a step further and create an action plan of who executes this job when it’s needed and where each item goes.


Remote Work Plan

Your second task this month is to create a plan to work remotely during and after a storm. Depending on the type of property you own, being operational when possible is helpful to your community and your tenants. While this will depend on the severity of the storm, it helps to consider and plan in order to remain operational when possible.

Things to consider:

  • Internet access
  • Data access (files stored on a server that can be accessed remotely)
  • Emergency phone or radio access
  • Electricity or backup power

If your property or business allows you to work from a safe location, planning ahead can make that a seamless transition for both you and your customer.


At Weaver Realty, we look for ways to help you work smarter, not harder. We want to help you with your property management needs so that you can be successful and spend your time wisely.

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