We have been tackling hurricane prep one step at a time since May. So far we have survived a month of hurricane season for 2021, but we still have 5 months ahead.

Let’s recap what we have tackled so far in our monthly to do list that is more manageable.

For May we tackled two items:

  1. Contact insurance company regarding current coverage
  2. Communicate with tenants about their responsibility

Just last month in June we:

  1. Performed a property inspection to assess vulnerabilities
  2. Performed a backup on all computer information

This month we have two new tasks and a reminder about one already completed. Let’s get started.

Gather necessary supplies

Your property inspection for June should have helped you create a list of what you need to what you might need to replace from last season. Start now gathering and storing those supplies. Do not wait for the rush of an impending storm to make your trip to the hardware store.

Sandbags, plywood to cover windows, screws, nails, hammers and other items can easily be stored until needed. Order empty sandbags and prepare to fill them when needed. Empty sandbags store well for a long time. Plywood sheets to cover any windows can be hard to find once a storm is on the way. Measure and get it in advance along with any supplies for hanging.

Purchase a waterproof container and store important business documents in it, and also up off the floor when possible. If you have a backup power supply, make sure it’s working and will continue to run essential functions only in the event of power outage to limit losses to your business. Keeping security cameras up and running is important after a hurricane.

Whatever your specific business needs, set a budget, make a list and go shopping today. Don’t wait for a storm.

Trim branches and remove debris

Once your shopping is complete, it’s time to do some landscape work to ensure falling branches will not harm your structure. Your inspection should have revealed any trees or shrubs to work on. Start there and trim back anything that could be a risk. Remove debris, secure outdoor trash bins and furniture, and remove any items that could blow away in a storm.

Both of these tasks you may continue to work on as something comes to mind you need to purchase, and as trees or shrubs grow. This will likely be minor if you get it done up front. You’ll be glad you did it in advance instead of waiting for a storm to roll in.

Finally, from last month we talked about backing up computer files regularly. This is something that will be ongoing as files change by the minute. Make sure you perform regular computer backups to not lose any information you need.


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