Last time we covered the first two tasks for hurricane preparation. It’s now mid-June, and that means the start of hurricane season. If you tackled the tasks from last month, you are off to a great start for being prepared.

To refresh you, last month we focused on

  1. Confirming your insurance coverage for all properties you own.
  2. Communicate with tenants on what is your responsibility as owner and what they need to do as tenants

Now let’s look at the following two tasks for:

  1. Assess your current property or properties for the possibility of damage with an inspection.

Start by checking for the potential that your property may flood. Here’s a handy tool from FEMA that may assist you in determining this.

Simply enter your address and find out your risk of flooding.

A building inspection is a worthwhile investment. Hiring an inspector can save you money, time and headache. They assess the potential for wind and other damage to your property. An inspector can also suggest specific ways to protect your windows and doors from damage.

Don’t put this step off. Call an inspector today.


  1. Perform a backup on all your computers and other electronically stored files.

This step is easy to miss because everyone thinks that once power returns, everything is fine. If you have cloud storage, that might be the case. If you use local file storage, you’re at risk of losing files if the computers are lost in a storm. Regular data backup is simply good business practice. An IT professional can help with this if technology isn’t your forte. Otherwise, regular data backup should happen every two weeks or less.

Weaver Realty can take the guesswork out of hurricane preparation for you. We love to be able to simplify work for our clients enabling them to focus on what they do best. Call us today 904-733-0039 so we can help you stay hurricane ready.