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According to sparefoot.com, there are over 49,000 self-storage businesses in operation today. Current statistics indicate that 13.6 million American households utilize self-storage for their belongings. Many self-storage businesses operate at or near capacity.

That’s all fantastic, right? If your business is a little less full, we are going to visit some important and free hidden gems for you to market your business to potential customers.

To start with, you need to search for your business by name on a search engine. You need to see exactly what comes up when you search by name. Are you the first link at the top of the page? Are there positive reviews visible without scrolling? Are there negative reviews?

Next, you need to search for a generic self-storage term in your city and see where or if your business comes up.

The answers to these two questions can help you make better use of your web presence to enhance your marketing and reach future customers. Keep your notes from this search for the future as we fine-tune your web presence for your business.

Google Business Listing


Start here and claim your Google business listing. Many people rely on a simple search to find a reputable business to meet their need. This free listing is absolutely crucial to helping customers find you. Make sure your profile is fully completed and optimized. Upload photos and add your operating hours with correct contact information. This helps ensure your business appears on Google Maps. This should take you less than 15 minutes assuming you have photos ready to go.



NextDoor is an app that is growing in popularity. You can claim a free business listing here as well so that your business shows up in searches performed on the app. NextDoor allows individuals within a certain mile radius to search for and share information about local issues and establishments.

If a happy customer posts on NextDoor about the superior service they received from your self-storage business, all their neighbors will see that post. Additionally it will remain searchable in the future. You can also post information and links on NextDoor to show that you’re a source of information for your local community.

LinkedIn content

LinkedIn is a networking tool used by individuals to connect with people they know and to share their knowledge in a professional environment. As a business owner, you’re connecting with people you know who also know others. And these connections can open doors to future customers. Set up your individual profile as a self-storage owner/entrepreneur. Then start leveraging your contacts with your knowledge of your business. Share content that demonstrates you’re an industry savvy, business owner. Connect, connect, connect.

Business blog page

You already have a website. Add a blog where you post weekly content designed to help customers and other business owners. Demonstrate what you’ve learned as a business owner to help others. Then post that content to places like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or any other platform you use.

All of these options provide free marketing for your business. If you completed every task above, it would take you around an hour. Set aside that time to focus on free marketing for your business. You’ll see results.

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