Whether you’re an owner/operator or a savvy, self-storage manager, keeping your property fully-leased is the goal. Even though most American self-storage businesses stay close to 90% full, it is important to leverage free marketing to keep it that way.

Let’s take a look at four easy and free ways to market your business. You can incorporate one or all of them into your marketing strategy today.

  • Facebook business profile
  • Instagram business profile
  • Pinterest business profile
  • LinkedIn business profile

Whether you’re a social media fan or not, most businesses need an online presence in addition to the business website. There are now a lot more social media options, but for today we are only covering four. (In the next few weeks we will look at four other free options and explore why those may be hidden gems.)

Getting Started on Social Media

First you need to create or log in to your social media accounts for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. These three options can be linked so that you’re able to post quickly from Instagram to Facebook and Pinterest.

Starting with Instagram, your business should post once a day. This same post will then be used on all other platforms. After your normal post, make sure to share that post to your Instagram stories as well. This will cause your post to show up in two places on Instagram and two places on Facebook.

Quick tip: one easy post to start with is a logo design that features your business operating hours and contact information. Let people know when they can stop in and all the best ways to reach your business. This post will be on your Instagram timeline and can be shared to stories repeatedly. The more your business gets in front of people to be seen, the better.

Adding a Blog Page Matters

Second, because you already have a website, adding a blog page to your website and posting weekly content provides another way to reach new customers. Every week pick one day to post a blog. Share that blog to the business account on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great resource to use to demonstrate your knowledge of your market, your field and how your business can help others. The same blog posts can also serve as one of your daily posts on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Quick tip: Facebook has a free feature on business pages that allows you to schedule posts days in advance. This is really makes being active on social media quick and easy.

Networking Helps

Third, follow other related business accounts on each outlet. Look for businesses where you know the owners or where you can both benefit from a business relationship on social media. Share their posts on Instagram in a meaningful way and tag their business. If you use a particular small business, thank them online for their excellent customer service.

There are so many easy ways that are completely free to market your business using the benefits of social media. You can take one hour each week to plan all of your posts, and then spend less than 10 minutes each day to do the posting.

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