Making money may be the first goal of every entrepreneur. No one starts a business thinking they want to lose money. If that’s the case, the second goal would likely be making sound business decisions. Sometimes, that will lead you to sell your business. Regardless of the reason, selling your self-storage business can be  lucrative and smart. It can also be challenging and painful.

When the time comes to sell, you may be tempted to sell on your own thinking that the expense of a broker is unnecessary. While you may be able to save some money on the sale, it’s important to consider how a broker can assist you in the process so that it’s neither challenging nor painful.

What does a self-storage broker do?

An expert broker provides clients with more than property valuations. There is more than dirt and buildings at stake when a property is sold. If you worked with a broker to purchase your current business, you already have an idea of the broker’s role.

Let’s look at three reasons you need to trust an expert for the sale of your self-storage.

Expert property valuation based on multiple factors and market value

It’s important to consider hiring a self-storage broker in order to showcase your property’s assets. A broker that focuses on the self-storage industry has knowledge and understanding of this niche. They will execute a property value assessment that is thorough and fair. They will consider the physical factors including location, size of property, property enhancements, and security features. Additionally, they will be able to place value on the business that exists, because you’re not just selling a structure. You’re selling a business that is either partially or fully leased – and that matters a lot.

As a business owner, your emotional attachment or lack thereof, can be detrimental to the sale of your own business. Having an objective expert is important to make sure the asking price is fair.

Extensive marketing of property across multiple channels

Commercial property brokers have access to multiple channels for marketing your property. As a consumer, you may have landed on your current property via a broker’s website. While this might be the easiest way for someone to find property that’s available, there are many other options in today’s technology savvy world.

Brokers use their networking skills. An excellent broker will “pound the pavement” for you by making phone calls to other brokers, sharing listings via subscriber newsletters, and they will utilize every social media option available. The right buyer is out there, and a good broker knows how to find them.

Access to active buyers

There are people looking to invest in any new business, and there are people looking to invest in a self-storage business. A broker who specializes in the sale, construction and acquisition of self-storage businesses will have access to buyers who stay ready for their next purchase. The business you are ready to part with may be the business they have been waiting to become available.

Hiring a broker specializing in the sale of self-storage businesses allows you to manage your business until it is sold. Weaver Realty Group is an Argus Self-Storage Network Affiliate serving the Florida panhandle. We work hard to provide strategies for self-storage owners – whether you are looking for a new investment or looking to sell. Contact Weaver Realty for expert advice by calling (904) 591-0140.