When customers choose self-storage, they’re looking for a place to store their business tools, business inventory, or other personal treasures. They want a safe and secure place for their items of monetary or personal value. As a business owner, it’s important to have a security plan to offer your customers peace of mind. Your reputation for security can make or break your business.

A security plan incorporates three main areas of focus. The most important area is an honest and focused property manager, followed by a property with many security features, and finally, maintaining positive relationships with local law enforcement. These areas lay the groundwork for a safe and secure storage facility.

Your Manager Matters Most

Your manager is the first point of contact between a potential customer and your business. Thorough evaluation is key in selecting the right person for the job. People skills are important. Trustworthiness and honesty are critical. The skills of the job can be taught. Work ethic and strong character are essential. As the owner, you’re looking for someone to treat the business as if it belonged to them.

Your manager will be screening potential customers, handling all of the customer information, and be a visible presence on the property to deter mischief. Past behavior is often the best indicator for future performance. A thorough background check along with checking out their personal and professional references will provide a picture of what you may expect from them as employees.

The way you treat your manager matters greatly. If you are loyal and provide a positive work environment, they will likely go above and beyond the job description for you. Employees who are treated well, trained well, and have clear expectations generally become the greatest asset to your business. Choose wisely.

Additionally, employee insurance for liability and theft is also a good investment. Prepare and plan for the best by hiring well. Prepare and plan for the worst with insurance.

Security Features

If you’re building a facility, you want clear lines of sight on the property. Any corners or spots without visibility present a potential problem. If you’re in an existing facility, start at the entrance and work your way to the exit. Look for any blind spots or points of entry that need to be fixed.

Maintain a one-way entrance and exit point with 24/7 cameras at each. Customers need to know they are monitored upon arrival, exit and at all times while on the property. This provides peace of mind for customers as well as a hindrance to any possible thieves.

Entrance gates often have keypad access. To provide the most security, it is wise to assign access codes to customers. This provides two-factor security for them and for you. One factor is the code will not be easy for criminals to figure out. Customers often choose simple codes that are too easy. That can put every single customer at risk. The second factor is that you can know who was inside the property at any time should an issue arise since their code will be logged upon entry.

The locks used on each unit can be provided by the customer or provided by you. The main things to consider are that the lock is not easily pick-able, the shaft cannot be cut through with lock cutters, and it is weather resistant.

Finally, lighting as many areas of the property as possible is essential. Make sure that your cameras are well-lit and visible. Conspicuous security features let everyone know that your property is not an easy target. Additionally, quick replacement of burned out or non-functioning lights is necessary.

Local Law Enforcement

When you’re a kid, your parents tell you that law enforcement can be trusted when you need help. The same is true as a business owner. Contact local authorities and invite them over. You can request an assessment of your security set up to determine where weaknesses are found.

Host a small and informal gathering to show your appreciation and support. Discuss with them any concerns you have and ask for their insight. As a business owner, this is invaluable because the police would rather help you stay out of harm’s way than have to help you once a crime has taken place

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