Last week we discussed preparing your self-storage business for natural disasters. By focusing on an emergency response plan and communication with customers, you can relieve a lot of headaches during a natural disaster.

Regardless of the type of commercial business or property you have, there are benefits to hiring a facilities maintenance company in planning for natural disaster preparation.  There will always be messes to clean up after a hurricane or other natural disaster. Preparing your business and staying ready year-round will make the workload light for commercial entities when a hurricane watch is announced.

Even for small businesses with hands-on owners, preparing your property for natural disasters can be daunting. Hiring the help of trusted facilities maintenance experts can make your preparation a breeze and also help your bottom line overall.

What does a Facilities Maintenance expert do before a disaster?

Before disaster strikes, a facilities maintenance company will conduct an assessment of your property. They will walk the entire property and make note of all structures and all potential issues of concern. Facilities maintenance companies are trained to look for details in your business that you might miss. Additionally they will look at site surveys and business blueprints to make sure every inch of your business is considered.

From the onsite assessment and careful examination of the important documents, they will create a plan of all necessary repairs or changes in order to get your property into shape. They will make recommendations based on their assessment and then be able to work on the list or hire contractors to tackle the projects.

When hired specifically for disaster preparation, that is the focus of their work. They will work alongside the owner to prepare the property for disaster. While every situation cannot be prevented, preparation is key in order to lower your risk in a disaster. They will execute the agreed upon issues the business owner wants done for their emergency response plan.

Key maintenance issues to address for disaster prep

If your business has been around for more than one year, chances are you have already survived at least one storm. You may have even made note of things to fix, change or address before the next storm hits. It’s great to take this proactive approach to mitigate additional damage in the future.

So where will the work start? After the initial assessment, the company you hire will work on external issues such as securing windows, doors and other points of entry. Some other items that should be covered include:

  • Roof protection
  • Pruning trees and shrubs
  • Cleaning out gutters and downspouts
  • Cleaning out of any storm drains or culverts on property
  • Installing and servicing a generator to run essential appliances
  • Backing up of electronic devices/data

Why do I need facilities maintenance to do all of this?

Hiring a facilities maintenance service is an investment. The return on that investment can be measured in the success of your business as well as the time you have to accomplish other tasks.

A facilities maintenance company with a strong reputation will provide expert advice and excellent customer service. If you’re new to being a business owner, they basically hold your hand and take care of your maintenance issues so you don’t have to. You’re paying them to do things that need to be done so you can focus on income producing activities.

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