Customers interact with businesses today differently than in the past. Today’s customer will begin their search not on a search engine, but on Facebook or Instagram. Using these social media platforms is not only important, it’s a must in 2020.

Communication has changed a lot in the last 20 years, and continues to evolve. Advertising and marketing are now largely influenced by social media. As a business owner, you can and should use this to your advantage.

When someone is looking for a self-storage space, many people first check the mapping app on their smartphone. They are looking for two things – location and reviews. Many potential customers will make a quick decision based on either of those factors. Using your social media presence to interact with customers you haven’t met yet is essential.

Which platforms to use

There are three main platforms for social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As a business owner, claiming your business name should be one of the first things you do in order to establish your online presence. Why? Even before your business opens its doors, people are looking for what you have to offer. They may find your social media before they can even spend $1 with you. It is never too early to interact with your potential customers.

A Facebook business page is essential and has become a quick replacement for the phone book of 25 years ago. Your profile here will provide the public with your location, hours, services offered and all methods of contact.

Instagram is excellent for small business and provides a peak into the visual aspect of your business. For self-storage, show them pictures of the spaces they can store their treasures. Show them the high-tech security features that set you apart from the competition. Show them a neatly organized stage space to make their de-cluttering hearts skip a beat.

Twitter is popular as well, especially if you can communicate quickly and efficiently. Add in some humor, and you may gain some followers (read: future customers) just because you’re funny. Use of this platform limits you to 280 characters, which means you have to be direct and get to the point.

Do you need all three? Probably not is the short answer. You still may want to secure the business name and have it available in case you do want to use all three.

Where to begin

Start with a Facebook business profile, and you can later add the others as well.

Make sure you include all information that will make it easy for customers to find you. Accurate contact information is a must. Provide a way for them to message you via Facebook, and then make sure you can respond in a timely manner. Post photos and information that show what your self-storage has to offer. Consistency is key in social media, so make sure to post regularly. Once a day is usually sufficient for posting for your business. This matters so that you show up in your followers feeds of information.

After you have a solid Facebook, consider adding in Instagram or Twitter. According to Statista via a 2019 online survey, adults spend an average of 144 minutes on social media each day. Adults spend a lot of time on social media, so they’re looking for content they need or want. Instagram provides images or video for people to see what you have to offer. Twitter provides quick bites of information. If you can’t be consistent with both, choose the one that you can do and do it well.

This is the opportunity for you to interact with current and future customers. Putting your best foot forward is as simple as providing quick responses to online inquiries. Be friendly, be direct and be helpful.

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