Unexpected expenses for facility maintenance and repairs can be a severe blow to a building operations budget. This is one of the reasons professional facilities maintenance services provide cost-saving benefits. The experience of using a streamlined approach to reducing building operating and utility costs helps commercial building owners to avoid expensive maintenance demands. The following are four of the top approaches pros use to reduce facility maintenance costs.

1-A Predictive Approach

Most facility managers have a “reactive” approach to building maintenance. This is indicated by research findings that 85% of all maintenance spending by facility managers is reactive. The study showed that managers mistakenly perceive reactive maintenance to be the least expensive. In reality, it costs more to take this approach as a strategy.

Preventative maintenance is a bit better because equipment is checked and repairs are made as needed.

Predictive maintenance is the approach that saves the most money. Technology is used to look ahead, forecast, and be prepared for impending problems.

2-Preventative Carpeting Maintenance

Replacing flooring is a major expense. The approach to maintaining carpets determines whether the life of a carpet might be extended by five or ten years. If carpets are cleaned only when they are obviously dirty, they must be deep cleaned. If, on the other hand, carpets are cleaned regularly the correct way, based on the type of carpet it is and the amount of foot traffic, the need for replacement is delayed and costs of restoration and repair work are cut significantly.

3-Predictive HVAC Maintenance

An immediate reaction is often necessary when the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system goes down in a commercial building. In extreme weather, whether cold or hot, the facilities manager has no time to waste in getting the problem corrected. This type of unexpected crisis can be largely avoided with both preventative and predictive maintenance.

With twice-yearly preventative HVAC maintenance, the system is checked and inspections are run for the purpose of avoiding a system shutdown.

Managing an HVAC system with predictive maintenance is valuable because you know when the major investment of replacement is approaching. Taking the leap to buy a new system is never an easy decision, but it’s far better to fix HVAC problems with a managed approach as opposed to a reactive, emergency response that will come with a much higher price tag.

4-Cut Utility Costs

Saving energy is always a good plan. When it comes to lighting, “going green” is an excellent way to go. Instead of changing standard lightbulbs frequently, switching to LEDs means you have bulbs that last up to 100,000 hours longer. LED lights are more expensive as an upfront investment, but they pay for themselves several times over in the long run. In addition to bulbs that last longer, energy costs are reduced overall because, unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs don’t create heat that requires air conditioning systems to work harder.

With the help from a facilities manager with a LEEDS certification, you have an expert onboard who has the training and knowhow to ensure minimal costs related to ongoing building maintenance costs.

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