Renting out commercial space is more challenging than keeping multi-family units filled. The good news is there is more you can do after checking off all the usual boxes. Add the listing in Zillow–done. Buy ads in local publications and place a for-lease sign out front–check. When you think outside the box or tap into the great ideas of others who do, you expand the possibility of maintaining a no-vacancy status at your commercial property. A few tips are below for going the extra mile when marketing a retail property.

1-Post a Quality Video of the Space

Hire a professional crew to record high-quality footage of your commercial space for lease. In the video, show an individual as they enter and move through the space while pointing out the value of the different features. In the script, highlight the commercial potential of the retail space for lease. The person on the video should speak like an industry professional, for whatever type of retail space it is. Be sure that the words used in the video evoke emotion, as opposed to, for example, being a strict rundown of measurements.

2-Host an Event to Showcase the Space

Get significant exposure for your available leasing space by sponsoring a networking luncheon with a free buffet. Invite local business owners and their consultants and accountants. During the event, mention that the space they are in is available; and let them know about the benefits of its location as well as any perks that go along with the retail space.

3-Sell Prospective Tenants on the Location

Research to find out the many benefits of the area where your commercial property is located. Point out promising demographics. If it’s a space designed for a restaurant, identify office buildings in the area that hold potential for good lunch crowds. Become familiar with any new construction that will also have a positive impact on the potential of the leasing space. Try to create an emotional attachment to the commercial space.

4-Connect through Social Media

Get the word out about your commercial space through social media. The potential for social posts is vast! Hire someone who can make shareable social posts that would likely reach potential clients. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn are all good options. LinkedIn, in particular, connects professionals and could multiply exposure to your target audience.

5-Maintain Contacts with Prospective Tenants

It’s not unusual for potential commercial tenants to inquire about spaces weeks in advance of making a decision. When businesses do their jobs correctly, they conduct intense research over some time. The delay is part of the process and part of the challenge of renting out commercial space. Once you are in contact with a potential tenant, stay in touch. Use public relations, email marketing campaigns, and social media to maintain the connection and continually promote your retail property.

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