Commercial property can be an excellent investment, but the responsibilities involved are substantial. An individual would need to have a great deal of time and possess a wide range of multi-faceted skills to handle all aspects of property management in an effective manner that minimizes associated costs. The many difficulties have driven countless commercial property owners to discover the benefits of hiring reliable property management services. The following are just a few of the challenges of do-it-yourself commercial property management.


The numerous financial aspects of managing commercial property include figuring out the amount of rent to charge. A great deal of research is needed to strike the perfect balance between maximizing profits and keeping the vacancy rate low. Handling the finances also involves marketing expenses, paying maintenance costs, and other considerations.


Real Estate Investment Laws

It’s essential to become familiar with applicable local, state, and federal real estate investment laws. Failure to comply with tax and other regulatory requirements could lead to costly penalties and fees. There are many different types of regulations, such as fair housing issues, including considerations for individuals with disabilities. Staying on the right side of the law involves knowledge, compliance, and taking timely actions.


Screening Tenants

There are potential risks involved in choosing tenants for your property. Leasing your commercial property to the best tenants will save you time, money, and countless headaches. Tenant screening isn’t always easy, however. Making the mistake of approving one tenant who isn’t a good fit can have a long-term effect. It can be extremely difficult to terminate a lease agreement early and take back your space.

Tenant Retention

The primary reason to get tenant screening right is, arguably, the fact that tenant turnover is costly. The goal is to have a high level of tenant retention. But how is that achieved? Superior service is required, to keep tenants satisfied and to ensure that they want to stay.


Managing Vendors

A fact of life with commercial property is that maintenance and repairs are needed. The amount of work involved is often overwhelming. An owner who handles property management must deal with the constant demands of vendor management of various types of needed services.


For Help on the Way

Weaver Realty Group can help with all of the challenges of managing commercial property. It ultimately saves you money to have professional management services like ours. We have experience and connections with many reliable vendors, in addition to opportunities to secure quality services at reduced costs.