Have you considered self-storage as a retirement plan? Housing trends show that in coming years, the U.S. population will need more storage space than ever for their belongings, as Baby Boomers move into smaller homes or apartments. This insight is backed by research, statistics, and a flourishing self-storage industry. There are many dynamics which can affect the success of a commercial investment, and that’s why it helps to have real estate brokers like the Weaver Realty Group on your team. Since 1999, Weaver has been a network affiliate with Argus Self Storage, providing self-storage brokerage services to the entire Florida peninsula. Between the stability of the self-storage industry and having the hands-on assistance of brokers like those at Weaver Realty Group, self-storage truly is a sound retirement investment.


Market Domination of the Real Estate Investment Trust Sector

For decades, self-storage has been the fastest growing industry on the real estate investment trust (REIT) index. Top self-storage chains have consistently outperformed the S&P 500. Average returns have been at about 17%. The next highest REIT is residential, at about 13%. You can participate as an investor by purchasing shares of a REIT that heavily concentrates on the self-storage industry.


Savvy and Recession-Resistant

With a world financial market that goes up and down in the bull and bear struggle, it can be daunting to figure out how to establish a solid retirement plan. Self-storage may not have stunning aesthetic appeal, but it has proven to be a savvy investment. During economic downturns, the self-storage industry booms because people lose their homes and need temporary storage. When the economy starts roaring back to life, people still put their things in storage because they often move to the city for employment, where they have less living space in urban apartments.


The Advantage of Brokerage Support

As an independent investor aiming to beef up your retirement plan, self-storage can be practical, even amidst competition with high-profile storage companies. By relying on the Weaver Realty Group, you get in on the significant benefits of being part of the Argus Self Storage Sales Network. You are given free and immediate access to a nationwide network of brokers who are experienced and who specialize in self-storage. Your investment is backed by the group’s understanding of local markets and trends as well as national marketing exposure.


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