How to Stop the Headache of Late Rent Payments

  Property management companies can make a commercial property owner’s life easier, and one headache property managers handle is the issue of late rent payments. Good management makes a difference in many ways, and ensuring that rent payments are deposited in a timely way is a major benefit. Collecting on-time rent payments is a common struggle, but dealing with late payments doesn’t have to be an ongoing problem. The following […]

Benefits of an Experienced Self-Storage Broker

  When you get involved in self-storage as an investment, you enter a very cozy industry, where connections of an experienced self-storage broker truly count. Weaver Realty Group serves the entire Florida peninsula and has the added benefit of being an affiliate with the Argus Self-Storage Network. At Weaver, we have come to specialize in acquiring, selling, and evaluating self-storage properties of every size and type. The following are among […]

Guidelines for Allowing Pets on Property

  Before setting guidelines for a pet-friendly property, you may struggle with the pros and cons of allowing pets. The potential problems can seem obvious: Property damage, pet odors, liability for animal bites, and disturbances caused by barking. In-depth research ultimately reveals, however, that the benefits of allowing pets on property outweigh the negatives. The pool of prospective tenants is much larger when pets are allowed, since almost half of […]

2 Reasons to Change your Self-Storage Property Website URL

  Consumer behavior has almost entirely shifted toward use of the Internet in recent years, making a  business website essential for any self-storage property. The website address is also known as the URL, which stands for “Universal Resource Locator.” Start with your company’s URL, when evaluating whether your website could do a better job of attracting customers through your online presence. 1-Eliminate the Hyphen A website address is more customer-friendly […]

Basics in Non-Discriminatory Tenant Screening

  Choosing desirable tenants is one of the critical roles of a property manager, and non-discriminatory tenant screening is an essential part of that job. Discrimination lawsuits can be extremely costly and should be carefully avoided. To adhere to rules of fair housing and non-discrimination, the following information should never be included or asked about in the process of screening tenants: Age, family status, race, nationality, religion, and disabilities. The […]

What Do Renters Want in a Self-Storage Facility?

  Maintaining a low vacancy rate at a self-storage facility begins with giving renters what they are looking for. The answer to what tenants want in a storage facility can largely depend on the area where the property is located. Some features are universal and less of a risk for owners aiming to target investment dollars wisely. The following are some insights for ensuring that your self-storage investment property draws […]

Property Management Upgrades to Make during the Off Season

  Vacancies tend to fill up more slowly in winter months, but some property management upgrades could help move things along. There are various “tricks” that can grab the attention of potential tenants more quickly. It’s never a good time to become complacent, in property management. Movers may have trouble drumming up plenty of business, but you don’t have to experience the same down time. The following are some ideas […]

Prep Tips for Selling your Self-Storage Facility

  With the right kind of prep, the sale price of a self-storage facility can potentially increase by six figures. There are several areas you can focus on, to yield good results. Before putting your self-storage facility on the market, boost the curb appeal, enhance revenue, put expense reporting in order, and more. An excellent option is to work with a brokerage service, as well. Improve Curb Appeal Attracting buyers […]

6 Tips on Creating Rental Listings that Attract Quality Tenants

  Prepare rental listings that attract quality tenants, to increase occupancy of your property. It’s not as tough to succeed in formulating such rental listings as it may seem. However, do more than simply cover the obvious basics, such as number of bathrooms and bedrooms. You can capture the attention of the best tenants more successfully than the competition does by implementing the following helpful tips. 1-Photos Galore Renters go […]

Savvy Business Moves when your Self-Storage Facility is Full

A self-storage facility with full occupancy may seem like the perfect situation, but it’s no time to become complacent. There are ways to make even more of the situation. It’s a smart business move to continue being proactive when there are no vacancies. Bottom line is that turning away customers who may be desperate for storage space is not a good thing. Price Hike The principle of supply and demand […]