Proactive Property Management Maintenance Tips

  The economy is booming, and many retail properties that were vacant are gaining new tenants. Attracting and keeping quality tenants requires keeping a commercial retail property well-maintained. Competition for tenants can be fierce. Staying ahead of potential problems is the best approach to commercial property maintenance. The following tips can help. The Exterior If the exterior doesn’t attract customers, there is not much hope that a business can be […]

4 Things to Love About Stuart, Florida, a Dreamy Coastal Town

Stuart, Florida, has an abundant shoreline and beach water clear enough to see through to the bottom on most beaches. Sea turtles and dolphins are mainstays along the shore, but nothing compares with the sailfish. Stuart is known among fishing enthusiasts as the sailfish capital of the world. The town is cozy town and also has the St. Lucie River and an historic downtown, complete with a sailfish fountain. This […]

7 Ways to Attract Quality Commercial Tenants

  Attracting quality commercial tenants for your retail property can help you avoid a wide range of difficult situations. From massage parlor tenants being raided in a bust to an editing studio that turns out to be a disruptively loud recording studio, many commercial real estate landlords have experienced the nightmare of leasing to the wrong business owners. Getting the best commercial tenants signed on is one of the benefits […]

5 Reasons to Love High Springs, Florida

Florida is a beautiful state, and High Springs FL is one of the many great places to live in The Sunshine State. For a small town of about 3,600, High Springs has more than its fair share of tourist attractions. Outdoor adventures to be enjoyed there by residents and tourists alike are plentiful. They include swimming, diving, tubing, and snorkeling in natural spring waters that remain 72○ year around. A […]

The Value of Professional Project Management

  For tenant improvement projects and capital improvement projects, fully integrated professional project management services provide numerous benefits. Well-run projects will seem to be simplified, but it’s because experience and knowledge untangle what would otherwise involve time-consuming complexities. The value of expert project management is only fully appreciated by those who have had projects completed over budget, late, and with sub-standard results. The following are a few of the benefits […]

4 Ways Self-Storage is Ideal for Life in The Villages, Florida

The Villages in Wildwood, Florida, is the world’s largest retirement community, and it is complete with premium self-storage space to support a wide range of lifestyles and business needs. In particular, The Villages, Wildwood FL, is an ideal place for active individuals enjoying a well-deserved retirement and needing extra storage space. Below are four of the primary reasons self-storage is an asset for retirees. 1. Downsizing Moving to a retirement […]

5 Benefits of a Hiring a Property Manager for a Shopping Mall

  A shopping center or mall can be an excellent investment, but many investors find that the responsibilities of being a landlord are greater than anticipated. The relentless demands and pressures can be relieved by hiring property management professionals. The following are five of the many benefits of leaving property management of a retail property to experts. 1. Handle Day-to-day Demands Property management duties at a shopping mall are seemingly […]

5 best things about living in Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach, Florida, on the northern Atlantic coast of the state, is a cozy seaside community. It has plenty of urban amenities, as one of three beach areas in Jacksonville, FL. It is an excellent destination for a weekend retreat, long-term getaway, and especially for putting down roots. There is no shortage of things to do and places to see in Atlantic Beach and the greater Jacksonville, Florida, area. Children, […]

Minimize Risk with the Best Tenant Screening Practices

  Maximizing return on investment at your commercial property begins with minimizing risk using best tenant screening practices. Good tenants provide unmistakable financial benefits. These advantages include paying rent on time, keeping good care of your property, and having a tendency to stay put for an extended period, when happy with conditions. The worst tenants are a drain on profits and have such behaviors as consistently being late with rent, […]

Tips on Providing Businesses with Work Space at a Self-Storage Facility

  If you’ve been looking for a new angle to fill vacancies at your self-storage facility, one possibility is to appeal to businesses needing work space. Temporarily setting up housing at a self-storage facility can help businesses in need of an affordable jump start and much more. Self-storage rental is considerably less expensive than the cost to lease commercial space. The alternative of paying a routine lease at a traditional […]