Current Trends in Facilities Management Services

  Facility management has become increasingly sophisticated; as a result, more and more companies utilize professional facilities management services. Among the factors driving changes is an increased emphasis on operational efficiency due to heightened levels of corporate cost-consciousness. In addition, tenants have increased dependence on technological tools, computer networks, and telecommunications systems. The job continues to evolve. Below are three of the latest trends in facilities management. Employee Experience Enhancement […]

Self-Storage Deferred Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

  As the owner of a self-storage facility, one way to increase revenue is to reduce maintenance spending. Staying on top of needed upkeep is less expensive than waiting and having to make significant repairs later. To keep from getting caught off guard with the cost of repairs, it’s smart to save money and set it aside for that purpose. The following are three common types of maintenance neglect at […]

5 Marketing Strategies for Retail Space

  Renting out commercial space is more challenging than keeping multi-family units filled. The good news is there is more you can do after checking off all the usual boxes. Add the listing in Zillow–done. Buy ads in local publications and place a for-lease sign out front–check. When you think outside the box or tap into the great ideas of others who do, you expand the possibility of maintaining a […]

3 Winning Aspects of Office Property Management

  Property management of commercial office buildings has a huge impact on whether or not low- to no-vacancy status can be maintained. Every commercial tenant is directly affected by the actions of the property manager, in countless ways. Successful office property management keeps the tenants happy and safe while providing building efficiency that helps to cut costs. Learn more below about how to achieve successful office property management. 1-Tips for […]

Considerations for Adding Boat/RV Storage to Existing Self-Storage

Florida is home to a multitude of waterways, in addition to having the longest coastline in the contiguous U.S. The Sunshine State is the perfect place for recreational activities and for boat/RV storage. If you are considering making changes to add boat/RV storage to your existing self-storage facility, the following information could help. Boat Sales Continue Increasing The U.S. boating industry recently reached a 10-year high in sales, according to […]

4 Advantages of Commercial Property Management Services

There is a disparity between the benefits realized by hiring a professional property management service for a commercial retail facility and the number of do-it-yourself commercial real estate principals. The advantages provided by property managers are substantial, but many commercial property owners choose to go it alone. In the vast majority of cases, it is inefficient and costly for an individual to manage their own property investments. Below are insights […]

5 Proven Self-Storage Marketing Strategies

  A good marketing campaign can help to ensure success for you, as a self-storage owner. Drawing in new business is more apt to have long-term value if you maintain a quality facility and offer customers value-added features. The following are self-storage basics plus marketing strategies that can lead to lasting success for any self-storage company. First, Cover the Basics There are three foundational aspects of self-storage that you can […]

4 Tips to Meet Renters’ Lofty Expectations in an Online Search

  Practically everyone has gone the way of digital technology, including renters at multifamily properties. During an online search, apartment shoppers have certain expectations. It’s on property management to meet those demands. The chances that you will attract new renters and keep a high rate of occupancy are greatly improved if you make the following online tips a priority. 1-Remove Friction Most members of our high-tech society have become accustomed […]

Attract Commercial Tenants to your Retail Property like a Pro

  Maintaining a high occupancy rate is always the goal for a retail property, which is why it’s important to know how to attract commercial tenants. With professional property management, you have the benefit of experience, to achieve this goal. There are many nuances to the management of commercial property that experienced management teams understand. Such knowledge can help ensure plenty of interest from potential tenants and ultimately a high […]

3 Reasons to Check Out Fanning Springs, Florida

Fanning Springs, Florida, is a unique place, and it’s not just because it’s one of three Florida cities that straddle two counties. In addition to being in both Gilchrist and Levy counties, Fanning Springs is the home of Fanning Springs State Park, a very popular recreational site. The city is also home to Fort Fanning, which was built in November 1838. Lastly, it is a place with opportunity, such as […]