Current trends in capital improvement projects 2020

This year has basically been one, big, curve ball for businesses across the country. Despite the unforeseen issues the pandemic created for many small businesses, capital improvement projects may be more beneficial than ever. Let’s take a look at three types of capital improvements that make financial sense right now. Environmentally conscious improvements  At the top of concerns for many tenants is making changes that are environmentally friendly. Newer construction buildings […]

Your next self-storage investment: Build or Buy

When considering a self-storage investment property, two choices are available – build new or buy an existing property. Here are three things today’s savvy investor should consider before buying or building a storage property.   Building   There’s a lot that goes into building a new self-storage facility. Let’s work backward with the most important consideration of all. How well do you know construction or how strong is your construction […]

Facilities Management’s Best Cost-Cutting Practices

The disciplines and services needed from facilities management professionals can vary widely, but cost-cutting practices should be a priority. Building maintenance alone is an area in which top-notch facilities management services can prove invaluable. The following are some of the ways the costs of building maintenance can be significantly reduced. LEDs and Lights Out Approximately 35% or a bit over one-third of the total energy costs for buildings is spent […]

3 Threats to Cybersecurity in the Self-Storage Industry

While the wearing of masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 seems uppermost on the minds of most Americans, hackers are a bigger threat to those in the self-storage industry. The resiliency of self-storage has proven to hold out during the pandemic, but cyber threats aren’t cyclical issues or once-in-a-lifetime events. Every business, large and small, is under continuous threat of cybercrime, and great loss can result from a direct […]

5 Project Management Challenges Fit for the Pros

When a tenant improvement project is needed, hiring a professional for project management is always the smart thing to do. Project management involves a plethora of potential challenges, and many problems are avoided by having an experienced expert in charge. It can be costly to make a mistake in the handling of an improvement project. Seasoned professionals are more prepared than others to keep projects on track in spite of […]

Why is the Demand for Boat and RV Storage On The Rise?

Boat and RV storage has been the catalyst promoting storage industry growth in recent years. It is currently among the topics searched most frequently among new developers researching self-storage. While the industry may have its saturated markets, supply is still insufficient to meet the demand for self-storage of RVs and boats. There are some differences between typical self-storage and facilities that cater to boat and RV owners, and a higher […]

How to Choose a Project Manager for Tenant Improvements

The most important element of a tenant improvement project is the management company you hire to do the job. This fact cannot be fully appreciated until you have had the experience of hiring a contractor who did not finish a project on time or meet the expected standards. To make the right choice, look for certain qualifications and traits. If a project manager has the following qualities, tenant improvements should […]

5 Self-Storage Security Features to Attract High-End Tenants

Maintaining high occupancy rates at a self-storage facility is often a matter of finding the right customer niche. If your area offers little in the way of self-storage that caters to high-end clients, you may want to consider attracting their business. Rental values are higher, which could offset any necessary investments in your self-storage property. Security is the primary issue for those who keep items of great value in self-storage […]

Facilities Management and Disinfecting for Coronavirus COVID-19

Cleaning services are likely to be different for the foreseeable future due to the serious health threat posed by the new coronavirus dubbed COVID-19, and professional facilities management services can help. After following stay-at-home procedures, the expectations of workers returning to their places of employment will be heightened as far as cleaning methods go. With professional facilities management services that are pro-active and prepared to heighten disinfecting and sanitization practices, […]

5 Reasons to Consider Investing in Self-Storage

Self-storage properties have consistently been good investments, and the industry is an easy one for new investors to get on board with. Low overhead, sizable income potential, and low costs for ongoing site management are among the reasons self-storage has appeal for investors. Nationwide, it is estimated that there are between 45,000 and 60,000 facilities. Read on to learn some of the reasons you can feel confident in self-storage as […]