The most important element of a tenant improvement project is the management company you hire to do the job. This fact cannot be fully appreciated until you have had the experience of hiring a contractor who did not finish a project on time or meet the expected standards. To make the right choice, look for certain qualifications and traits. If a project manager has the following qualities, tenant improvements should go smoothly and produce desired results.


A project management company has the challenge of completing your tenant improvement project on time and in the way you want.  This virtually demands experience because overall requirements need to be understood. Skill in working with different people in a variety of industries is also a must. A certain level of preparation is essential so that the project can continue on course, even when hindrances come along. A project manager with experience can anticipate potential hiccups and will make advance plans.

Project management is the type of work that can be performed with greater efficiency after each project is completed. A higher performance level is only natural with years of experience. When the projects completed have been in the same general location, there is an even greater advantage. Familiarity with local building codes and various industry specialists helps ensure that improvements will be done correctly.


Project managers with tenant improvement experience can add value to the entire project. This includes saving on materials and successfully negotiating with customers who may have unreasonable demands. A professional has a level of confidence that provides assurance and the payoff is a job done well and in a timely manner.

On Budget

A crucial matter in tenant improvement projects is to stay within budget. At the outset, there should be an agreement in which the manager understands the budget and the requirement to get to the completion of the project within those financial boundaries. Professionals can provide detailed strategies for balancing finances while delivering the desired improvements.

Creative Insights

Due to experience, project managers usually have the ability to go beyond the laundry list of basic requirements and provide out-of-the-box insights. It is possible the budget could be slashed because of special connections that mean lower material costs or more economical ways to execute certain aspects of a project. Any irregularities in the project planning could be corrected before potential problems arise. The insights an experienced project management company provides could be of tremendous value to a tenant improvement project.

Good Communication

Commercial property tenant improvements are invariably complex. Routine communication should be expected, and a professional project manager will provide regular updates on the project. Communication with all of the stakeholders in a project should be maintained. A professional project manager with experience can maintain this commitment while ensuring that the project proceeds as planned.

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