Maintaining high occupancy rates at a self-storage facility is often a matter of finding the right customer niche. If your area offers little in the way of self-storage that caters to high-end clients, you may want to consider attracting their business. Rental values are higher, which could offset any necessary investments in your self-storage property. Security is the primary issue for those who keep items of great value in self-storage units. With the features listed below, you may win over eager clientele.

1-Sturdy Anti-Theft Fencing Around the Property

The fence on your property is the first thing a potential customer usually observes. Anyone who considers leaving valuable items on the property will be pleased to find fencing with the following qualities:

  • Sturdy
  • Difficult to climb
  • Cut-resistant
  • No gaps or vulnerable areas

Discouraging access to the property with a veritable fortress of defense helps build confidence, but the fencing is just the beginning—like the drawbridge over a mote. All that said, you are not exactly going for a prison vibe. There should be appealing aesthetics, including in the fencing.

2-Motion-Sensor Security Lights

A brightly lit parking lot always has shadows where individuals may hide, but motion sensor lighting shines a spotlight on thieves every time. Some additional benefits of motion sensor lights include lower energy costs and less maintenance. LED light bulbs last an incredibly long time. Although there is a greater out-of-pocket upfront expense, LED lights are an excellent investment that will save you money for a long time to come. They also make a great impression with their brightness at storage facilities. Tenants appreciate lighting that makes them feel safe and their belongings secure.

3-Gate Access

Options for gate access are numerous and include Bluetooth and electronic unit locks. The gates themselves may slide, swing, have a vertical pivot, or barrier arm gates. Whichever gate features you choose for your self-storage facility that caters to high-end tenants, make sure they encourage confidence in your security system. You will be charging premium rates if you retrofit your property specifically for storage of items with high value. So, don’t cut corners where it counts—and with this particular niche, everything counts! Do some research and get the latest in state-of-the-art gate access.

The greatest level of security involves one-gate access and exiting. However, it may be impractical to do that, depending on the overall layout of your property and whether traffic could get backed up. Just keep in mind that the gates themselves are part of the overall sense of security or lack of it.

4-Security Cameras and Video Monitoring

Video surveillance is a top-level crime deterrent to thwart would-be thieves. Set up an Internet-connected camera system so that instant notifications are sent whenever movement occurs. Cameras systems are typically able to distinguish between things such as birds and threatening activity. Provide potential tenants with an opportunity to see how your overall security monitoring is handled 24/7 and confidence in your self-storage property will flourish.

5-Install Electronic Door Locks and Unit Alarms

Provide plenty of technology and evidence that your facility has what it takes to outsmart seasoned thieves. A common problem that escapes many monitoring systems is that tenants themselves are the burglars. They access their own unit and then steal all they can from each unit on their block. With individual unit alarms, unauthorized activity is detected and notifications are sent, which shuts down this type of nefarious activity.

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