The self-storage industry continues to thrive, though owners may find themselves in need of more effective marketing strategies to rise above the competition. Improving your profit margin could be accomplished with a fresh marketing campaign, especially if you have recent facility upgrades to publicize. Should your flow of ideas run dry, the following tips for marketing your self-storage facility may help.

1-Analyze Existing Data

Any industry owner truly serious about growing their business makes it a habit to measure marketing results, yet research shows self-storage owners rarely do this. Keep track of the calls received each month and the source of new business. Find out whether additional customers are finding you in newspaper ads or the Yellow Pages, on the Internet, or elsewhere. Once you figure out which sources lead to sales and new customers, you have placed your marketing style ahead of the vast majority of competing self-storage owners.

2-Generate More Referrals

Referrals are responsible for as much as 20% of new business for many self-storage facilities. You can ask customers for referrals, and a good time is when you’ve fixed a problem or in other way made a customer happy. There are more aggressive strategies for getting referrals that can improve your facility’s bottom line. The following are a few proven methods:

  • Offer an Amazon gift card for each successful referral—the higher the amount, the greater the incentive. A reward of a $50 gift card could provide genuine motivation to help you with new referrals for your self-storage property.
  • Offer one free month of self-storage to any customer who provides a referral leading to a new customer.
  • Take steps to ensure that all of your customers know about the referral program. Train the staff to explain the program to customers, and post signs about your referral policy throughout the storage facility.

3-Offer Product Bundles

Hopefully, you are already selling boxes, locks, tape, and other items self-storage customers commonly need. Selling products is a big income boost for owners who make the most of the opportunity. Bundling items in various package sizes further increases profits. This is one of the features you can advertise through your various marketing venues.

4-Create a Unique Selling Point

Rather than competing with other self-storage facilities on the grounds of cost alone, find a self-storage niche that none of your direct competitors provide and make it your unique selling point (USP). For example, you may be the only one to offer office space, units that accommodate musicians in need of a place to practice, or any other niche that is likely to be in demand in the area where your self-storage property is situated.

5-Get Help with Self-Storage Marketing

You don’t have to go it alone as you figure out how to improve the profitability of your self-storage facility. Help is out there from marketing experts, of course. The best team to have on your side may just be Weaver Realty Group, a brokerage service with the best connections for self-storage owners and buyers. Weaver Realty is an Argus Self Storage Network Affiliate, which means you have a nationwide network on your side when you work with the experts at Weaver. If you’re ready to buy or sell a self-storage property or bring your facility to the next level, contact Josh Koerner at Weaver Realty Group today at (904) 591-0140.