In addition to daily upkeep, preparations for fall and winter are important steps in facilities maintenance. Seasonal tasks address operational objectives, help to lower repair costs, and ensure a healthy and productive work environment. Another vital consideration is maintaining a business property in a manner that provides existing and prospective clients with a positive impression. The following are some exterior and interior facilities maintenance tips to prepare for fall and winter.

Exterior Facilities Maintenance

Inspect the Roof

The life of your roof is prolonged with proper maintenance. In fall, check for areas with ponding, which can indicate a problem with the drainage systems. Look for any loose flashing and inspect skylights for signs of damage. If there are any ceiling tiles with stains on them, there’s a good chance the roof has a leak somewhere. Schedule needed repairs.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Proper water drainage that steers water away from your building helps to prevent structural damage. A basic step in proper drainage is to routinely remove debris and dirt from gutters and downspouts. In addition, secure any downspouts and gutters that are no longer firmly attached to the building.

Inspect the Façade

Thoroughly inspect the building façade, checking for stains, broken glass, leakage, staining, and masonry damage. As needed, make repairs.

Inspect Sidewalks and Parking Lots

At least every six months, sidewalks and parking areas should be inspected for potholes, cracks, and other tripping hazards. At least every other year seal coating and crack sealing of asphalt should be completed. In addition, check to be sure parking lot markings and signage are clear. Part of budgetary planning is to refresh these areas, when required.

Interior Facilities Maintenance

Check the Heating System

Although Florida has mild weather year-around, the temperatures can get cold enough to warrant the use of central heating. Make sure the HVAC unit is functioning properly and ready for winter. Change the filters at least twice a year, which helps to ensure optimal performance. The effects of unchanged filters and dirty heat exchanges can reduce the life of the HVAC system. Ongoing maintenance helps to reduce costly and unnecessary repairs.

Thorough Cleaning

Fewer sick days mean healthier employees and it also means higher productivity. When deep commercial cleaning is scheduled routinely in order to disinfect doorknobs, stair rails, kitchens, restrooms, and other high-traffic areas, the workplace is better protected against dangerous bacteria and other germs. Thorough professional cleaning is a simple and cost-effective approach to preventing illness.

Brighten Up!

During seasonal changes, employees may be on the road and get to work before sunrise, and they may head home after the sun has set. The mood of employees is brightened by having as much natural sunlight in workspaces as possible. Windows should be kept clean. In addition, lighting fixtures should be cleaned. As needed, switch to brighter lighting such LED lights, which also help to lower the cost of electricity.

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