Amidst competitors, self-storage owners have many options for increasing revenue and achieving greater success through lower vacancy rates. Some types of niche storage spaces could help set your facility apart from all the others in your area. Ultimately, by catering to the needs of certain types of customers, you could completely corner a self-storage market and grow your business. Demographic research of the area where your self-storage facility is located will help determine whether any or all of the following niches may be worth the cost of making any needed structural changes and reaching out to the target audience through advertising.

1-Wine Storage

Wine enthusiasts are an ever-growing target market, and many would be thrilled to have their own self-storage space to properly store growing wine collections. To reach this market, it would be necessary to build wine storage areas according to specifications of wine experts. In general, wine must be stored at a certain temperature and humidity range.

Specifically, wine must be stored in an environment in which the stabilized temperature is between 45º and 65ºF. With lower temperatures, the wine might freeze or the cork could crack, causing the wine to become oxidized. Oxidized wine is not fit to drink, and neither is cooked wine, which is what you get when the temperate wine is stored in is too high.

Specially built wine storage facilities also control the humidity level to ensure that wine corks remain tightly sealed.

If you create these idyllic wine storage conditions and spread the word about it, wine enthusiasts will come to you, possibly in large numbers.

2-Band Practice Spaces

Another fresh idea for rural self-storage facilities is to offer band practice spaces. Features required include temperature control, electrical outlets, 24-hour access, and a high level of security. The spaces could be perfect for students in a school band or for musicians in a musical band for commercial purposes or pure enjoyment. It’s not always easy for musicians to find a place where noise isn’t a problem and self-storage in a rural area can be a real problem-solver.

To make band practice space even more appealing at your self-storage facility, add sound-resistant walls and a 20-Amp power source, and provide easy access to restrooms.

3-Boat and RV Storage

There are boaters all across the Florida peninsula, and self-storage facilities can be hot commodities when they offer boat storage, particularly when the facility is near a dock. Certain amenities are also expected for boat and RV storage. Customers may look for any of the following, some of which provide additional revenue streams over and above monthly rental prices:

  • Wide driveways
  • Covered parking
  • Vehicle wash bays
  • Dump stations
  • Propane gas
  • Boat detailing services

4-Office Space and Business Storage

Businesses have many potential uses for self-storage. Document storage is a challenge for many paper-heavy businesses, including law firms, insurance companies, and hospitals. A self-storage facility with excellent security features is often an ideal solution.

Countless individuals in the US are self-employed and work on the Internet. Self-storage spaces can sometimes be used as offices, and they are in-demand because of the significantly lower cost as compared to renting traditional office space.

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